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Monthly Bible Studies for Kids & Youth

New Beginnings 5-Day Family Bible Study
This 5-day study is written for the whole family to enjoy together! It includes four different levels: Primary (ages 4-7), Junior (ages 8-12), Youth (ages 12+), and a Parent Guide. One of our greatest goals as parents should be to teach our kids how to spend time in God’s Word on their own so that they can navigate the waters of life according to the Word as adults. This is where family time comes in. The New Beginnings Family Bible Study is a tool your family can use to start afresh with a vision and goals for this new year!
Click here for the link to download the Not Consumed New Beginnings Bible Study for the Family.

Bible Study Tools for Kids & Youth

Right Now Media for Kids
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YouVersion Bible App for Kids
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Parenting Resources

10 Tips for Leading Family Devotionals
Download the PDF from Empowered Homes
Internet Safety (Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube)
Click here for the PDF document
Overcoming the Back to School Blues
Follow this link to read this article from Focus on the Family.

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