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A series from the New Testament about Jesus’ Teachings

Up is Down. Right is Left. Cold is Hot. That’s right, we’re celebrating opposite day this whole month (or should we say, not celebrating? This could get confusing!) This series will give kids a chance to talk about the counter-culture things Jesus said. It sounds impossible to believe that struggles bring us closer to Jesus or that our enemies can teach us about love. However, these beautiful opposites remind us that a God we can’t see is always with us and that it’s better to follow Jesus than follow ourselves.

We hope you’ll join us!

Conversation Starters:

for families to help their kids grow at home

The Big Idea: Following Jesus is the opposite of following ourselves!
The Bible: 
Luke 5:1-11 (Jesus Calls the Disciples)
What does it mean to follow Jesus?
What’s one example of following yourself instead of Jesus?
How can you follow Jesus today?

The Big Idea: Our struggles bring us closer to Jesus!
The Bible:
Luke 6:17-26 (Blessings and Woes)
What are some struggles that are going on in your life or in the world we live in?
How can a struggle bring us closer to God?
 Can you think of a struggle that brought you or someone you know closer to God?

The Big Idea: Our enemies help us learn to love!
The Bible: 
Luke 6:27-38 (Love Your Enemies)
How does Jesus wants us to treat our enemies? Why should we do that?
Which is better – to stay mad at someone or forgive them? Why?
What’s one thing you can do to love someone that’s an enemy?

The Big Idea: The Bible shows us how to experience God!
The Bible: 
Luke 4:14-21 (Jesus Teaches in the Synagogue)
Why do we tend to forget that Jesus is always with us?
What can we do differently because we know Jesus is with us?
What’s one kind of opposite thing Jesus said or did that you remember from this month’s Bible stories?

Memory Verse Sign Language:

for families to learn this month’s memory verse together at home

This Month's Memory Verse Sign Language - Document
Click here for a PDF version of the sign language.
This Month's Memory Verse Sign Language - Video
Click the video to view the sign language.

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