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Handling Change in 2014 - by Pastor Sam Devine

A new year brings with it the prospect of change.  We wish each other a happy new year with the sincere hope that things will be different in a good way.  We hope the Jets and the Bombers start winning!  We hope our City prospers and becomes a safe and vibrant place to live.  We hope our relationships are fulfilling and that our health is good.  We may hope for a change in our finances and our standard of living.  We hope for the dream house or the dream vacation we have always wanted.  Personally, I hope we have a short winter and a long, long summer!

Many of us will make a new year’s resolution or set some personal goals to help us change.  We may decide to better control our diet, exercise more or pursue the dream we have always put on the back burner.  I love the story of the 100 year old from Colorado Springs, who, last year, decided to make her dream come true by visiting Churchill to see the polar bears she had only ever seen in pictures.  I am always inspired by Seniors who don’t stop dreaming and are open to change.  Sometimes we just need to decide that, by God’s grace, we are going to do something.

Of course, whatever it is that we hope will change in 2014 there is a level of change that we cannot control.  These are the things that happen to us that we don’t see coming.  It may be our health, a relationship breakdown or a job loss.  How we handle change in those circumstances reveals what is already inside us and what we are depending on for our life’s security. 

I read recently about a young girl from Alberta who had a fatal brain tumour.  Canada’s Children Wish Foundation offered her a wish.  It was Kaitlin’s wish to donate the money for clean water in Uganda and her parents added to it so that a single well could be dug.  Then something big happened.  Canadian businesses heard. Facebook went wild and in seven weeks more than $200,000 was raised to pay for 21 wells.  30,000 Ugandans now have clean water!

The story really challenged me.  I want to handle change like that.  But I know that it can only come from a heart that is being changed.  My prayer for 2014 is that God would change my heart to be the catalyst for change in ways that I could never manage on my own.  Imagine the difference that might make?