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Full and Satisfying Days!

The team’s first full day in Haiti was a busy day.  After breakfast and devotions, they got busy unloading suitcases and organizing items.  The guest house was a beehive of activity.  Several team members carried supplies up the road to the clinic, joyfully greeting everyone they meet with a happy "Bonjou".  The Lab Tech, Dejus was happy to receive his lab supplies.  Dr. Stephen saw his first patients in the morning and other more serious patients came in the afternoon.  Our team nurses were busy organizing and providing nursing care.  Although it was not an official clinic day, it was busy enough ensuring things were set for clinic day on Monday.  In the evening some of the team went out to the road to look up at the beauty of the Haitian night sky.  The stars definitely display God's handiwork.  They enjoyed cool evening showers before bed and are grateful for the updated washrooms; they feel spoiled! 

On Sunday, the team worshipped at the AEM Church in Gens de Nantes, where they were introduced and brought greetings to the congregation.  After church Marilyn M led them to the school yard where they saw the beautiful Mango Tree supported by the retaining wall and cement yard that the earlier Construction Team arranged to have completed.  After, they headed up the road to tour the home that Albright built last year.  After lunch, Dr. Stephen and some of the team went to the clinic to check on a young fellow who was there the day before; they wanted to ensure his wounds were healing okay and provide more care to a very sick woman.  Those at the guest house pulled their chairs outside to try and catch a breeze and a crowd began to gather around them.  Kelsey and Christine pulled out bubbles and went to entertain the children.  Soon skipping ropes and a big orange ball were added to the fun.  The yard was a hub of joyful laughter and fun.  After dinner, team name tags were prepared in both Creole and English and the guest house was a hive of pill counting and packaging activity, as vitamins and antacids were prepared for distribution at the clinic.

On Monday morning, if they weren't already awake, their alarms woke them at 6:00am to prepare for their clinic day.  Marilyn M gave them the outline of the clinic morning and everyone volunteered for what roles they wanted to take.  Shannon remained at the guest house to take inventory of the remaining toolbox items and have them stored in another, safer location.  At 4:00pm, everyone returned to the guest house to rest before dinner and there was a crowd of children awaiting them.  Marilyn K and Kelsey pulled out the skipping ropes and played with the kids.  With some improvisation, Cindy tackled the stubborn shower drain.  A full and satisfying day!