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Days 7-11 in Haiti

Day 7

Thank you Lord, you hear our prayers. Thank you for wisdom, peace, and unity. Amen. The Maternity bed is now assembled, and there were smiles all around.  McGyver demonstrated how the bed works for us. 

As you know Stephen’s hope has been to help Dr. Emmanuel to grow in his medical knowledge. Well today he asked to learn more about reflexes so they began a teaching session before clinic and they started checking normal reflexes.  Stephen was hoping God would provide someone with abnormal reflexes and in walked a man who had had a stroke in the past.  They were able to examine him and learn.  He was a leader in a nearby church and was pleased that "the Spirit of God" had led him to the clinic and they were able to improve his stroke prevention care as well.

They also saw a 5 year old boy named Joseph with advanced retinoblastoma in both eyes with spread.  He is in a Christian family.  He has seen all kinds of doctors and mission surgeons but his disease is too advanced for any kind of treatment.  Some of the team prayed for him and gave some meagre anti pain meds and a small bear. 

One of the tests that they use a lot in Gens de Nantes looking for typhoid fever is really quite a useless one which is resulting in antibiotic overuse and likely the development of resistant organisms in the community.  Stephen hopes to be able to start a discussion about this next week.

Please pray for little Joseph. There are many children like him in Haiti.  Pray for Dr. Emmanuel, Se Kettley and Paste Andre that they will have wisdom and knowledge and physical strength to run the clinic and provide compassionate care for their community and that Jesus would be seen through them.


Day 8

Everyone had a great day.

Classes went well, and gearing up for lesson six and graduation tomorrow.  Rob and Eric just back after showing the Jesus film to a very full house (at the church).  Praise the Lord  for multiple gifts and ability's all working well together to the Glory of God.  

The heat has been oppressive, very humid today, with lots of mosquitos this evening.  

Jenn has had many requests for contact information. She has been a star this week, such a great attitude and always excited about each new experience.  Eric still on critter control. He was in the ceiling of depot today spreading mothballs. Marilyn K worked in clinic, organizing and cleaning, a never ending job.  They are going to have morning clinic to follow up on some patients they saw during the week.  The team is still waiting for the new maternity bed to be baptized!  

Today was day five in the clinic.  It was a quieter day today and Stephen and Dr. Emmanuel were able to discuss "appendicitis". This seemed to be a new subject for Dr. Emmanuel and he was very keen to learn what to look for in the patient's history and physical exam.  They also discussed more about heart failure and some more specific findings. He was interested in learning more about heart murmurs. Dr. Emmanuel is curious and conscientious and hopefully he can find the resources to continue to learn and grow in his knowledge and understanding of medicine. He is very good with patients and has a professional attitude which will be very good for the clinic.

Hypertension is a common problem in Haiti and with poor compliance secondary to a lack of resources and education heart failure can be the end result. A lady they saw earlier this week came in for reassessment of her blood pressure and it was gratifying that her new meds were helping and she will be seen again next week for more adjustments.

Their young mother with hypertension and heart failure wasn't doing much better so they gave her some iv diuretic and increased her heart meds and prayed for her. They will see her again next week.

Marilyn was helping out in the clinic this morning doing a dressing on a five year old girl who almost chopped her thumb off with a machete.  It's looking good but there was no way she was going to let them take out her sutures today.

Stephen is having a very good experience here.  He hoped to provide teaching and mentoring and that is happening and that the clinic will benefit from that.

Thank you for your prayers and support. God has never forgotten Gens de Nantes and He is still supporting and providing for them.


Day 9

Psam 71:3 ~ Lord be our rock and refuge to which we can always go.

Easter blessings to our Albright family.  Greetings from Pastor Andre and all our friends in Gens de Nantes.  Praising the Lord for the living hope we have in Jesus. Praise the Lord for God moments today.

The team is so thankful this morning for the ladies who are hauling their water as the guest house water was not running this morning.   Praise the Lord for running water and it all had to do with a shoe, another awesome God story to share when the team gets home.

Wonderful grad celebration this morning and so exciting for the team to see how much the students have learned in such a short period of time. The words of appreciation spoken and written are a true inspiration, and worth all the time, effort and preparation. Stephen and Marilyn followed up with a few clients in the clinic. Eric continues to amaze the team with his joyful servant’s heart; he is working as a cobbler making aloft for a shoe for a fellow who broke his femur 8 months ago. Pray that his fellow will recognize the need to work and not use his limp as an excuse not to work.  

Marilyn and Eric are off to Ouanaminthe in the morning for church.  The rest of the team will stay in Gens de Nantes and worship with our church family there.

Saturday's clinic is meant to be only for emergencies so it wasn't very busy.  They saw an 8 year old girl with a fever that turned out to be malaria.  The clinic has a simple rapid test that requires only a few drops of blood and she was sent home with her medications and a teddy.

Elainise is the young woman with heart failure, she looks much better than yesterday.  She lost a lot of swelling and was able to sleep lying flat for a change and her blood pressure was down to normal.  She was very happy about her improvement, as were all in the clinic!

A 60 year old farmer came to the clinic with a complaint of back pain. He has quite significant scoliosis and deserves to retire but he has no choice but to go back to his heavy manual labour. No disability payments for him.  Only a few weeks of Acetaminophen.

The common thread running through all these clinic updates is the presence of advanced and essentially barely treatable disease, in children and adults. They have no choice but to suffer with their problems.  Pain management is limited to short courses and NSAIDS and Acetaminophen.

Psychiatric care is also highly deficient in Haiti. The team brought some psychiatric meds with them for Marilyn M to use but otherwise the meds are nearly totally unavailable.  Yesterday Stephen saw a 5 year old boy with a pretty severe social phobia. The poor fellow was beside himself with anxiety.  He has been unable to attend church or school and his current behaviour doesn't bode well.  Perhaps "immersion therapy" will help but Stephen can see it’s going to be awful for the poor little guy.  Even if they had some meds he could use he would run out soon enough and be back in the same place.


Day 10

He is risen, He is risen indeed!  What a blessing for the team to celebrate the resurrection with our Haitian Friends at an awesome Easter Worship service.  They send many thanks to all their family and friends for their cards, pictures, Easter greetings. Much laughter and tears of joy, especially from the little Easter Bunny Autumn.

The cooks had prepared a Haitian Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings to celebrate Easter. The cooks had really out done themselves.

The team had a very full evening with so many blessings and memories!

After the teams awesome feast, they tried to walk off the few extra carbs and walked up past the town square and visited our dear elderly lady.  She was overjoyed to see them and she is doing well, continuing to sing God's praises. She asked after Kallen and was thrilled to see his picture with pregnant Melissa.  They sang a few choruses with her and prayed for her and her family before moving on to Elizanne's home.  Elizanne was very gracious and hospitable, apologized that her husband wasn't there to greet the team as he is in the DR. She gave them a tour of her new home.  The team sang and prayed for them and their new home, trusting the Lord for many blessings.  Then the Easter Concert at the church!  A picture truly is worth a thousand words. An awesome celebration of the resurrection and hope we have in JESUS. 


Day 11

FAT encore! The teams plans are not always Gods plans.

Today was a very busy and full day in the clinic and a tragic one at that.

Nucola, a previously healthy 17 year old boy who was brought to the clinic at 9:00 am. The clinic staff quickly realized that he has diabetic ketoacidosis and was in a semi-coma from that.  They gave him iv fluid and sent Elamine to Ouanaminthe to buy insulin. The family spent everything they could scrape together for one vial.  They gave him over 50 units of insulin and were not able to lower his glucose to a level that the glucometer could register. They then decided to send him by Ambulance to Ouanaminthe for what it's worth. Even if they are able to turn things around there the family cannot afford the cost of managing the Type 1 Diabetes for the long term.  Please pray for Nucola. (He is a believer.)  Doctors here would never treat Nucola like this here in Canada, as this is treatable here in a Canadian ER.

The clinic staff saw an emaciated elderly man with a long history of smoking. The list of possible causes includes cancer, malnutrition or chronic liver or kidney disease. Dr. Emmanuel is frustrated that the simple lab here is only set for so few problems.

They also saw quite a few little kids with coughs and colds and very low weights for the kids ages. There were patients with anxiety, young woman with menstrual cramps and people with vague abdominal pain. So there were lots of typical Canadian family practice patients. Of course though the clinic had to check for worms, parasites, malaria and typhoid.

There are so many issues in Haiti with health care to ponder and great wisdom will be needed to know best to help out there and what God is teaching them as individuals and a church.

Blessed Assurance . . . The team just finished singing, praying and chatting about their day. Today they talked about it being a good day for "being", not only doing. God allowed them to see and experience so much. Opportunities to follow Jesus, sharing pain, loss, and sorrow through touch, singing and assurance of ongoing prayers.

Eric finished his list and then some and the team had a barn raising to install the shelving today. Jen finished the photo list and then some. Lorna and Rob completed the inventory and Eric is working on the tool inventory.  Laurie and Marilyn prepared all the hostess gifts and cards. Rob working as a techno geek for Marilyn M. Lorna doing the finances. So much for just being, they are all busy doing. What an awesome team the Lord put together for His Glory. 

Thank you for all your prayers. 

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