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Construction Team In Good Spirits!

Our Construction Team is doing well and is in good spirits.  It is hot in Gens de Nantes, so 10 hours of work is the most they can safely put in every day.  They need to remember to pace themselves!  The team is making good progress on their projects.  

The food is good!  One member says ‘this will likely be a weight loss program’ Smile, as they are pretty much eating totally organic with no sweets or desserts and drinking lots of water. Their daily ‘shower’ with only a gallon of water and a washcloth is a bit challenging. 

On Monday, January 13, the team worked at clearing the guesthouse of rubble from the demolition that was done in anticipation of their arrival. With the help of local ‘Boss’ Decibert, they added rafters to the roof structure.

On Tuesday, January 14, they started putting in the new ceiling and work began on the plumbing projects (second bathroom and moving fixtures around).   Local Masons are also working with them in the house, building new partition walls and repairing other sections.

Thursday, January 16, the team reported that they have made very good progress on the guesthouse.  They have now completed the majority of the new ceiling and prepared the kitchen for new cabinets and counter top.   The plumbing is also about half way done.   The team says that “it is a real pleasure to be working alongside the Haitian people!”