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Why Can’t I Just Love Myself?

We don’t usually think of getting to know our neighbours as a work of art!  Maybe you don’t see yourself as very artistic in the first place.  God is.  He is the master artist who is painting the story of our lives.  Every day he adds another dimension to the picture which is being painted to reflect who He is.  Incredibly that includes the exact place where we live (Acts 17:26). 


While it is true that God is painting a very unique picture of our lives He is also painting the family picture of the Church.  You and I are part of the big picture of God’s plan to love Him and to love your neighbour as yourself (Matthew 22:37-39).  But why?  Why can’t I just love myself?  Because that is not why we are here!  We are here to reveal Jesus.  We are here to see people added to the big picture.  Every day is another day to work with the master artist.  So, how can we do that?


From May 4th and over the next 5 weeks we will be looking at “The Art of Neighbouring” in our Sunday teaching series which will build towards a Neighbourhood Service Weekend from June 6th-8th.  On that Sunday we are encouraging the Church to leave the building and serve their neighbours!  We won’t be having our Sunday Morning Service so that you are freed up for the whole weekend.  We are planning an Evening Celebration Service to share stories, praise God and to pray for our neighbours. 


A Neighbour Resource Team will be available to help you with ideas to serve, how you might go about that and to connect you with helpful resources.  You can be as creative as you like!  You could set up coffee connection, set up a walking date, invite a family for lunch, plan a game of golf, pay a visit with a gift of cookies, offer practical help or host a block party.  You could do this with some friends, as a family or as a small group.


Here is what we are asking.  Begin to pray for your neighbours by name.  Create a list.  Walk through your neighbourhood and pray for what you see.  Ask God to show you how you can serve your neighbours and be open to hear what He says.  Painting that first brush stroke can be both fearful and exciting.  We don’t know exactly how the painting will look like when it is finished.  But remember God is with you.  He is the master artist.  He wants to use you and He will if you make yourself available.


Pastor Sam Devine