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Safe and Sound


Today the Clinic Team traveled from Peurto Plata to Gens de Nantes.  They loaded a large colourful truck with an open back with all 35 bags and suitcases.  It will keep the team high up and safe from the jostling crowds during their travels, as today was a market day.  On a market day the border is open for the residents of Haiti and Dominican Republic during certain times to allow them to cross freely, making the border crossing VERY busy.   Ordering lunch today from a Spanish menu in the Dominican Republic was an interesting experience for the team.  They were very thankful to have Alfred there to translate.

Around mid-afternoon after finally getting through the border, the team made it safe and sound to Gens de Nantes, with no issues at the border.  Praise the Lord!

The team now has the fun challenge of unpacking and settling in without the assistance of the generator as it gets dark in Haiti around 6:30pm.



Here is a picture of the truck that took them across the border.