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Praying For Our Police Service

Recently, the Winnipeg Free Press published an article written by Gordon Sinclair Jr., revealing how our Winnipeg Police Service Chief Devon Clunis demonstrated how important community is. 


On the day before Chief Clunis was scheduled to visit a Winnipeg Grade 6 class, he called a news conference regarding a serious situation that had recently transpired.  Considering the circumstances the teacher was not sure if Chief Clunis would still be attending their class the next day.  But right on schedule, Chief Clunis showed up.  When the teacher asked Chief Clunis about that, “He said: ‘No, this is important. The children are important. Community is important.’”


Police Chief Clunis went on to share with the class of his own experience in Grade 6, of a teacher who went above and beyond to help him out, the big impact it had on his life, and her prayer that might surprise you!   You can read the full article on the Winnipeg Free Press’ website: 


As part of the challenge to Love Your Neighbour, Albright Church is participating in a 365 Police Prayer Watch initiative from May 19th - 25th.  We are doing this in partnership with other churches in the City who have each been allocated a specific week.  You are invited to pray each day for our Winnipeg Police Service using the prayer guide below and remain open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  You could pray as part of your devotional time each day, at family meal times, when you meet with friends, or in your Small Group.  Who knows how God will respond to your prayers!


1. Pray for Chief Devon Clunis:

  • For wisdom and courage to lead
  • For complete dependence upon the Holy Spirit
  • For acceptance of his vision for changes in the way policing is done
  • For grace and favour to be upon him in all his relationships
  • For his Family – to be able to balance the responsibilities between work and home

 2. Pray in general:

  • For an enduring partnership between the churches and the Winnipeg Police Service
  • For strengthening of relationships with community organizations and eliminate factors that cause crime
  • For unity and trust within the Police Service
  • For smooth transition into the new Headquarters onGraham Avenuein the New Year
  • For financial provision to meet the budget and Police Service needs

3. Pray for the Police Officers:

  • For safety and protection as they deal with dangers everyday
  • For protection from the emotional and mental stress that can come with policing
  • That officers would have wisdom to be able to deal with people effectively
  • For success in preventing and detecting crime, catching offenders and bringing them to justice
  • That they would exhibit integrity, honesty & dedication in the face of temptation
  • That they would carry a heart of compassion for people & not become hardened
  • That they would embrace a more holistic way of policing and serving the community
  • That they would be honoured for doing their job of upholding the law

 4.  Pray for the Police Officers Families:

  • God’s blessing over families, that they would know peace when their loved ones are on duty
  • That the families have understanding when the officer they love is under stress
  • That officers would be able to separate work and home, and that their families can support them in times of stress
  • That they would trust God for their health and welfare

5. Pray for the City of Winnipeg:

  • For crime, including violent crime to diminish dramatically
  • For peace to reign in the streets of our city
  • For Mayor Sam Katz and City Hall
  • For righteousness and unity to reign and for right people to fill positions in Government
  • For increased funding of Community Enhancement Projects (ie: Endowment Fund)