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Clinic Team's Last Sunday in Haiti

The Clinic Team's last Sunday in Haiti provided a couple of worship opportunities. The team divided into two groups, one headed to the town of Carice to worship with the AEM church there, and the other remained in Gens de Nantes worshipping once again at Pastor Andre’s church.


It was communion Sunday at the Gens de Nantes church.  There were hopes that Elizanne (abscess patient) and her family would be in church but they did not come. Please keep praying for them.  After church the group returned to the guesthouse for lunch and began the task of packing, each taking turns soaking their feet in a tub of water to try to cool down.


Carice is located south west of Gens de Nantes and is much higher in altitude. The group climbed into the back of Lolance's 4x4 Toyota Pick-up truck and off they went, hanging on for dear life. They stopped at a local petro stand to purchase gasoline at $6.00 a gallon, then bumped along for most of the trip, with EMCC Missionary, Marilyn Mc playing tour guide. As the frequency of switchbacks grew greater the scenery became more beautiful and they marveled at God’s handiwork. Lolance stopped at a stream to pour water on the overheated brakes and on the engine. Soon they were on their way again enjoying their mountaintop experience, driving through small towns and weaving past washouts and ruts. Arriving in Carice, the church service had already started, so after a quick change of clothes they were ushered to seats near the front and then participated in the service. Marilyn Mc brought greetings and introduced the group. The service was very long and it was very warm.  After the preaching, communion was served. The bread and the small communion cups were uncovered and the members of the congregation came forward to take the bread and cup with them back to their seats. Then, just as we would at Albright, they ate the bread and drank the cup. When the group asked Marilyn Mc whether or not it was safe to participate, she said, "Jesus will make it so."
After the service the group greeted many people. The church committee served them soft drinks and crackers, and told the team that they had been encouraged by their visit - it is good to know they are not forgotten. The group went to see the new home Albright provided funds for. The home belongs to a Grandmother and Grandaughter, who welcomed them to take a tour. It is very well kept and they are grateful for the home. Soon it was time for the return trip over the mountain back to Gens de Nantes. They found the trip back more difficult as it was hard to keep from slipping forward into each other. Standing up seemed to be the best option and they took turns standing behind the cab hanging onto the rack for dear life, all the while trying to take the perfect photo, much laughter ensued. At one point the truck died and they gave Lolance their water bottles to cool the overheated brakes and engine once again. Soon they were on their way and received a cheery welcome from the remainder of the team sitting out in the guesthouse yard trying to catch a non-existent breeze.


Once back together the team did more packing, tidying, and organizing. A delicious supper was enjoyed - fried chicken, fried plantain, potatoes and carrots in sauce, sliced tomatoes and onions, and rice - what a feast! After dinner the guesthouse staff was presented with a token of appreciation for all they did for the team. Once more, the neighbourhood children stopped by to play, soon skipping ropes, beach balls and rocket balls added to the fun.  Marilyn Mc led the team through a debriefing and it was time for bed.  Their last night in Gens de Nantes was a most humid and hot night.


The Clinic Team is now traveling through the Dominican Republicand is scheduled to arrive in Winnipeg at midnight on Tuesday, April 8th, on WestJet #535.


Thank you for your prayers of support as you’ve followed the experiences of the team.  You can anticipate learning more after their return.