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Our EMCC liaisons, Marilyn McIlroy and Nicole Jones-Qandah, continue to be in regular contact with our friends and partners in the community of Gens de Nantes, Haiti, and have provide us with some messages of update from Haiti.

Our partners at the clinic Health Centre have shared that they have felt God's protection throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Lab Technician, Portelus Brenos wrote: "When we received the news about the Corona virus, the staff sat down and there was a process to decide about the functioning of the clinic. Together, the staff decided that they wanted to work to keep the clinic open and functioning for the community. That made me very happy."  

He also expressed how the extra supplies of PPE and emergency support from the EMCC gave the staff more energy and desire to continue serving.


I thank EMCC World Partners, Albright church and all the families that have accepted/agreed to sponsor me in this work as a lab tech.  I ask God by his strength to guide and protect each one.  We are brothers and sisters, working together.  This is very good. Thank you for that." 

Nurse Keutely, who has faithfully served as the clinic for several years wrote: “God has been with us during this year.  He has protected us.  We did not encounter any serious illness in spite of the COVID pandemic. There was a lot of stress, but in the midst, our team made the decision to continue to go to work at the Health Centre. Our team works well together and there is collaboration.”   


“I am sending a big thank you very much to EMCC World Partners, to the Albright Church, all the team who is always thinking about us.  I ask God to continue to bless the whole team.”

Nurse Keutley (centre in blue) and her husband have 3 children, and provide care for 2 nieces

and a nephew (not shown) they have taken in to live with them.

We continue to be thankful for the clinic staff's passion to care diligently for the people in their community. 

Information on our Gens de Nantes Sponsorship program can be found here

The Integrated Education & Agriculture Initiative continues to move forward through our partner Hernso Philogene, and the teachers at the school. This program provides 50 beneficiary students and their families with the opportunity to participate in education in Farming God’s Way.   

The teachers are having more regular in-home visits with the families of their beneficiary students and are finding ways to not only progress the teaching of Farming God's Way, but are also having opportunities to encourage families and build stronger relationships of trust and support. These visits have allowed openings for discussions on hygiene practices, good nutrition, or to encourage them to visit the clinic when ill.

You can learn more about this EMCC initiative here:

We are grateful to hear these encouragements of how our Haitian partners continue to steward well all of the resources God has put into their hands. Please continue to pray for them and celebrate them as we move forward in partnership together! 

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