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"When COVID hit, we wondered... How were we going to be able to keep our commitment to the campaign?"

When COVID first hit here in Winnipeg, my husband and I were concerned. Our concern was not about catching this illness, however, but about the financial impact. When schools closed and most businesses quickly followed, and people began self-isolating, we could see the potential negative impact all of it could have on our finances.

I am a full-time stay-at-home mom so Graham is the only income earner. Graham works at a car dealership and all he earned came from commission. Even though the dealership was allowed to stay open, with people quarantining themselves at home and heavily avoiding stores, etc., Graham had virtually no one to sell to which meant virtually no income. We wondered... How were we going to be able to keep up with bills, mortgage payments, pay for necessities, etc.?

When the Albright Capital Stewardship Campaign was introduced in the fall of last year, we prayerfully considered how much to commit to giving. We both felt God telling us to commit an amount that wouldn’t be easy but sacrificial. So, in surrender, we committed to giving, for the next three years, a portion of our annual tax return as well as a certain amount of money per month in addition to our tithe. When COVID hit, we wondered... How were we going to be able to keep our commitment to the campaign?

But God. God, our loving, heavenly Father graciously provided.

Back in February, Graham submitted our taxes, which was unusually early for him to do. But God knew and He provided. We received our tax return during COVID and it was enough to get us through the months of virtually no commission and income. We were able to pay the necessities, and keep our commitment to Albright’s capital campaign.

When Graham’s dealership starting letting people go due to lack of business, Graham retained his job and took on extra responsibilities. We wondered if going on E.I. would be better. But God knew and He provided. Graham’s boss was so impressed with his work during the first few months of COVID that Graham was given a promotion with both commission and salary.

We both firmly believe that when you surrender to God with open hands, and follow Him in trust and obedience, God provides in ways beyond our thinking. At the “We Surrender, God Builds” Banquet in the fall of last year, Pastor Sam said, “When God asks us to step out in faith and we obey, we begin to see miracles that we never could have seen otherwise.” We know this to be true. We’ve experienced living in the overflow of God’s generosity.

Submitted by Sarah Millar

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