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On March 1, 2020 following the service, Albright will be hosting a Burrito Brunch in support of a bible translation nearing completion for the Laman People in Indonesia (123,000 people who currently have no access to the scriptures in their language!)

We have the joy of partnering with Church across Winnipeg in the OneHeart Network to see this project to completion.

OneBook Canada is facilitating the translation work, engaging locals in the area to do the work of the translation and we are glad to work with this organization that shares our heartbeat to see projects like this bible translation in context with the whole development and blessing of the local church in the community.

Check out for more information and to hear testimony stories of how the lives of those doing the translation work being transformed even as some of them are heading God’s word for the first time!

What an awesome opportunity we have to partner as the church across the world in this unique and special way, and at the same time look forward to a great brunch we get to share together.  So bring your appetites and a few bucks on Sunday, March 1.

Burritos (Plain & Loaded)  $3

Yogurt Fruit Cups $2

Here is a video that has good information into who we as churches in Winnipeg are partnering with for this translation project:

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Francis Njoroge and others have influenced our current understanding of development in World Partners.   In our "7 Resources Given to All People" Brochure, it says,

"Development is not about projects, or “things that we do.” Development happens when a community mobilizes their resources to meet their needs, as defined by them..."

This subtle, but important shift comes from everything World Partners has been learning in recent years. We've been convicted to ask,

What does learning with the Global Church look like?

What is God already up to?

What are the assets, strengths and resources God has given to our Partners?

In what ways are they identifying needs that they are convicted to meet? And lastly, how are we listening and responding to ways we ought we assist?

This is our listening and learning posture, which underpins our relationship-first partnerships. And as a result, we move:

1. From a mindset of poverty in our partners to that of supply.

2. From a mindset of "human saviours" to "God's all-sufficiency".

3. From "us vs them" to "us together".

4. From investing in projects to deepening relationships.

Our faith is in the God's of all-sufficiency. As followers of Jesus, we don't simply meet the world's lack with our supply. Rather, together with the Global Church, we steward the resources God has given for all people, with a special heart for the poor. We bless others because it reflects the nature of God, who blesses those who were created to bear His Image!

See the difference? Our posture must remain one of humility, and one of inviting others to the same mindset through which we see ourselves - blessed to be a blessing. God said to Abram,

And I will make you a great nation,

And I will bless you,

And make your name great;

And so you shall be a blessing; 

Genesis 12:2 New International Version

We invite you to join with us as we live out this good news around the world.

How you can get involved:

  • Post, using the hashtag #IDW2020
  • Pray
  • Have conversations about Development as a regular expression of being on mission with Jesus and the Global Church, to show God's love for all humanity, and all creation.

from EMCC World Partners | 214 Highland Road West, Kitchener, ON N2M 3W2 Canada

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