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Day 2 of the retreat was a good day of sharing and hearing from our Haitian partners. In the morning, Pastor Sam and Pastor Nathan were able to 'zoom' in to say a personal hello. Even miles apart we are united in Christ!

The retreat group were able to dialogue throughout the day.  Nicole and Herlynda worked well together to facilitate and guide the discussion. We are so thankful for Dr. Sammy's excellent translation. Our Haitian friends described their community and region of Gens de Nantes as it exists today, the joys and the challenges they face, and many many dreams and hopes for the future. 

We celebrate that our Haitian partners are people of vision. They are people who love their community and have many ideas for moving forward. Today they continue on in discussion and listening for God's voice for his direction as we submit all our plans and vision to Him. 

Continue to pray for God's voice to speak through this group as they share with one another. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide. We surrender all to Him! 

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The Haiti Listening Team has arrived safely in Gens de Nantes and had a great reunion with friends there. They will be spending three days in the Gens de Nantes region, making various visits, before heading to Ouanaminthe for the retreat with the Haitian leaders on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The team was able to view and celebrate the work that has been done on the guesthouse property enclosure. It is very close to completion. 

Yesterday the team spent some time at the AEM School.

Marilyn and Nicole had a good meeting with the staff there. Lindsay, Lorna and Joey taught an impromptu lesson and some songs to a class of 5-6 year olds.

The team also had a great meeting with the clinic staff down the road from the school. They shared many many thanks, and some hopes for the future of the clinic. It was exciting for the team to see tangible evidence that we are not alone in supporting the clinic. Since we were last in Gens de Nantes, the clinic has some new bathrooms constructed with running water, and a solar panel! 

Joey has been able to share the greeting video that we made together on their Commissioning Sunday, and has let us know that there will be some greeting videos from our Haitian friends coming back with the team. We look forward to seeing them!

Please continue to pray for the team this week as they continue to connect with many people! 

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On Friday evening our Haiti Listening Team left Winnipeg. Today they arrived safely in Puerto Plata, Domincan Republic. They will be resting at the guest house there tonight and will drive across the border into Haiti tomorrow. Please pray for a smooth border crossing, a safe journey to Gens de Nantes, and for the team as they begin connecting with our Haitian friends!   

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We surrender, God builds

Newsletter of the Albright Church Capital Stewardship Campaign

November 3, 2019 | VOL. 6



There was an air of celebration and anticipation on the evening of Friday, October 25th at Albright Church as almost 150 people gathered together for our Stewardship Campaign Banquet.  This very special night came after six years of praying, planning and stepping out in faith towards the expansion of our building.  The room was filled with people of all ages and generations, including those who had been part of our last building campaign almost 30 years ago.  Much chatting and laughter could be heard as people joined in fellowship over a delicious, three-course meal from Cravings Catering. 

After the meal, an exciting program began with Jeremy Nickerson, a member of the Stewardship Team, detailing the history of Albright Church and how we came to be where we are.  A chorus of voices then came together to sing of God’s faithfulness as Nathan Wachal, Associate Pastor of Community Initiatives and Worship Arts, led people in worship.  This was followed by Ferdy and Lorraine Kopeschny, who have been attending Albright Church for 62 and 59 years, respectively, sharing about their involvement in our last building campaign. Ferdy and Lorraine shared how they tirelessly collected, over a three year period, bottles and cans to recycle in order to earn money to put towards their financial commitment for Albright’s new building.  They also shared stories from when they helped in the construction of our current facility.  They encouraged the people of Albright to, in faith, commit to giving and give big to our expansion, and to not be afraid to do so as God provides.

The floor was then opened up to all those who were part of the last campaign.  Several long-time members took to the floor, including Peter Dyck, who recalled the very first service in our current facility in which there were slightly more than 100 people.  He talked about how we now needed more - to build again because we needed to expand.  “That is an answer to prayer. It’s exciting!” he said.  Other members, who came after the last campaign and construction, got up to thank those who had sacrificed and built because our church has become a family to them.  They talked about how being part of Albright has impacted them, and how it is a place of worship and love.

Jeremy then invited several of the staff members to share about the future effectiveness of our expansion.  Kyle Smith, Youth Ministry Director, talked about how a permanent youth room isn’t just about building a room that’s up to code, but that it’s even more about investing into future leaders and generations of youth.  Nathan talked about the multiple ministries that overlap during the week, which may not always be top of mind for us, but that they are top of mind for those people meeting together.  “It’s not about expanding physical space, but about expanding space for ministry to affect lives,” he said.

Sam Devine, Lead Pastor, then asked if we had ever experienced the miracle of multiplication.  He recounted the miraculous story of Elisha, the widow, and her oil found in 2 Kings 4:1-7.  “We have seen our own miracles, as a church, over the years, each time God has led us to step out in faith. 29 years ago, a group of people stepped out in faith so more could be built up and reach out. They didn’t know what they poured in was going to overflow,” he said.  Pastor Sam talked about how our expansion will help us continue to be built up and reach out to more people.  He talked about how it’s bigger than a building because it’s about lives that are reached and transformed by God’s grace.  “The jars that the widow collected were the means God used to perform a miracle of multiplication. Her life and her sons’ lives were saved as a result. But the real miracle happened FIRST in her heart. She didn’t know what would happen or how God would provide until she stepped out in faith and began to pour her LAST jar of oil! This was more than a tithe, it was all she had! Her sons’ lives were on the line but God widened her heart. That was the miracle!” he said.

The evening came to a close as Nathan, once again, led people in worship. “Build Your Kingdom here!” was proclaimed by a chorus of voices.  Everyone then joined hands in prayer as Rob Ford, Associate Pastor of Discipleship, prayed for the collected commitment cards and Albright.  It was truly a night to remember!  One of celebration, anticipation, and miracles!



We are happy to report that the current total of intended contributions received from commitment cards so far is $224,958!  Commitment cards are still being received, so if you have not yet submitted yours, please do so by placing it in the offering.  Again, these intended gifts are not to replace any regular giving, but are to be over and above.  If you have any questions regarding the commitment cards, please refer to Vol. 4 of the newsletter, ask a Stewardship Team member, or email the church office.

You may also now begin acting on your commitment card as the Expansion Fund is now open to receive offerings!  Make sure you mark each of your commitment contributions as being designated to the “Expansion Fund.”  As another reminder, Albright’s giving options include weekly Sunday offering, bi-weekly or monthly AutoGiving, and online donations at anytime. 

Maya Angelou said, “Every journey begins with a single step.”  We now have the empty jars of an Expansion Fund.  The goal is to raise $750,000 in three years or less so that we can begin the next phase of our expansion. Our next steps of faith are to begin to give towards our commitments. 


The “We Surrender, God Builds” Banquet is over, and some commitment cards have been submitted, but this campaign has only just begun.  Pastor Sam reminded us at the banquet: “The priority is the Kingdom of God reigning in our hearts and lives.”  Are you willing to surrender to what God desires to build in and through you? 

Father, we want to live our lives to please You. We want to walk through each day depending on Your power, looking for Your hand, and listening for the still small voice of Your guidance. Use us for Your Kingdom’s purposes. Nudge us into greater acts of faith. Call us to a deeper level of trust. Widen our hearts, O Lord, so that we may live worthy of Your calling and fulfill Your highest purposes for our lives. We pray these things in the name of Jesus, and for the glory of Your Kingdom. Amen.


Please continue to pray for this campaign and each person at Albright, including yourself.  Pray that God will widen all of our hearts and that we will all pour out that which He asks us to every day.

“When God asks us to step out in faith and we obey,

we begin to see miracles that we never could have seen otherwise.”

Pastor Sam


* Please share with us how God is widening your heart to give, miracles that are happening, and any stories, ideas and pictures.


Design plans and past newsletters are available for viewing in the hallway outside the prayer room. *


Albright Stewardship Team:

Len Bobrowski, Sarah Millar, Angela Moore, Jeremy Nickerson

Rob Runtz, Anna Sipinski, Vivian Wesee

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