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Partnering in our City with the365 Police Prayer Watch

 Join Us To Pray!

 May 19 - 25, 2019

In Winnipeg, we have the privilege of joining hands and hearts with churches all around the city to be in prayer for our Winnipeg Police Department, 365 days of the year. Albright church continues to partner with churches across our city to play our role in ensuring that together, we are seeking God for the welfare of our city, and our Police Service.

This week we will link together in this chain of daily specific prayer over our Police Service. Prayer is powerful, and as we continue to seek God’s protection, and help, we ask him to do more than our officers can do on their own.

“Those with a badge cannot alone turn the tide of society’s ills. But if we will partner with them in faith, our community and our nation will experience a great victory.” (B.G. Nevitt). Please join us as we continue to seek together God’s will over our city, and our nation as we partner in prayer this upcoming week.

Within the prayer watch we are also encouraged to consider how we can practically bless the police during our week of prayer or at any time, it may be as simple as a verbal thank you to an officer you pass by, or a card sent to a district office. Perhaps you could bless an officer by paying for their coffee or lunch. It may take some extra effort, but it would be well worth it to bless those who serve us so faithfully in simple practical ways as Jesus would lead us.

Let this week be a catalyst to remembering our Police Service regularly in personal prayer throughout the year.


Suggestions for Daily Prayer


Thank God for police willing to do a job that is often sacrificial and challenging. Thank for officers you know personally. Pray:

  • about crimes that have affected you or people you know.
  • for Chief of Police Danny Smythe, and all in leadership in the Winnipeg Police. Pray for wisdom in how they use the resources available to them as they face increasing budget constraints.



  • for change in our city's reputation as "murder capital of Canada" to “City of Refuge”.
  • that God will expose and root out violent crime, paedophilia, human trafficking, drugs, pornography, domestic violence & child abuse.
  • for God’s wisdom for those dealing with these types of crime.
  • Pray for a change of heart in offenders. Pray that they would come to know God’s love for them and find purpose in their lives.
  • Ask the Lord to end the Meth Epidemic in our city and to provide a detox centre and long term rehabilitation centre for users.



  • for victims or people affected by crime,
  • for healing and peace, for a new sense of safety and hope.
  • that God would help them to forgive those who have hurt them, so they can be free from bitterness, depression and hopelessness.
  • for an end to anti-social behaviour, gang culture, knife & gun crime.
  • Ask the Lord to protect new immigrants and refugees from gangs, and to move the Church to action in reaching out to these newcomers.


Pray for the legal system:

  • that it would truly be founded on God’s truth and justice.
  • that people will feel confident to trust the integrity of the system, and that breach or failure would be dealt with firmly and appropriately to restore confidence.
  •  for integrity for judges, magistrates, and all who uphold the law.


Thank God for relationships that police have in many communities where they are welcomed and respected. Pray:

  • for relationships with groups that find it hard to trust the police.
  • that God would bring down barriers and build bridges, creating opportunities for relationships to be built and that police officers would show compassion, even in very difficult situations.
  • especially for relationships with young people who feel marginalized or disaffected.
  • for protection over police, physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally as they engage with people who do not respond positively.


Pray for police officers and staff:

  • for their marriages and families.
  • that they would have opportunities to spend quality time with their families, and that they would be able to manage their work / life balance effectively.
  • for support and healing for those who have experienced traumatic situations in their work.
for spiritual protection over them as they face some of the darkest aspects of human nature. Ask God to give them the qualities they need to be able to do their job and not to become hardened and cynical. Pray that they would find hope and peace in Jesus. Pray for continued integrity and fairness in all that the police do.
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Two Years ago, Albright Church fundraised to build the first phase of an enclosure wall around the AEM (Association Eglise Missionaries, our national partner church in Haiti) Guest House Property in the community of Gens de Nantes, Haiti. This property already serves several functions. It is the property at which guests in the community will stay, (visiting mission teams, denominational leaders from the AEM, delegates from the Haitian Health Department); And the buildings also are housing for temporary and permanent staff for the AEM Clinic that operates just down the road from the Guest House Property.


Currently only about a third of this property is made use of. We want to help our Haitian friends maximize their use of this great resource of land that they own.

One of our partners, a young Haitian man named Hernso Philogene (graduated with a degree in agriculture and is passionate to see agricultural development in his community) is developing plans for the unused portion of land. It is Hernso’s desire to begin to grow ‘learning plots’ on the property based on a program called Farming God’s Way


Through these learning plots, community members will be given access to learn good agricultural practices that restore the health of the soil and allow for diverse growth of many fruits, vegetables, and rice. Our vision together is to see many Haitians in the Gens de Nantes region gain the knowledge and tools they need to begin growing more efficiently on their own land and create greater food security in the region. The enclosure project is needed to stop animal and people traffic though the AEM property that currently is hindering these kinds of ‘learning plots’ from being developed.

Once completed, the enclosure will serve several purposes, it will help to control traffic through the property, ensuring that there is safety and a measure of privacy for the clinic staff who live there as well as for guests when they are present. It will also protect several important facilities on the property from being damaged or stolen (the water pump, the motorcycle depot, generator, tools, and cooking supplies). Finally, it will provide a secure space for present and future projects that will encourage the agricultural and economic development within the region of Gens de Nantes for years to come.

Earlier this fall we celebrated the completion of Phase 1 construction.

With a great start having been made on the enclosure, we have begun phase 2 fundraising to see this project to completion and this Sunday, in addition to our burrito breakfast fundraiser taking place after the service, we will also be launching our tree fundraiser which we hope will raise another $20,100 toward our target goal of raising $40,000 to complete this project.

We all have the opportunity to participate regardless of how much we are able to give. Every donation matters and can make an impact! Join us this Sunday to see how you can participate in the ongoing growth and development of the nation of Haiti as we partner together for God’s glory!

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