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It is through serving that God so often teaches us something about ourselves. As we seek to be living on mission from neighbors to nations, we are also constantly being changed. God is, “seeing to completion the good work He has started in us.” (Philippians 1:6) Even as we minister to help others come to the Savior, Jesus, we are reminded that we are still in desperate need of the Savior. Over the past year and a half, some in our church community have been travelling regularly to Stony Mountain Institution to lead a time of worship through music, and to spend time in conversation with inmates, encouraging one another, praying for one another, and sharing our mutual hope in Christ.  As one of the team members put it, “A great way to connect with the inmates through worship, but more importantly, through fellowship”.

Sometimes it is difficult to relate as we come from such divergent backgrounds, family histories, and lifestyles, not to mention the added barriers of a relatively short amount of time to connect and the inability to share our lives fully with the inmates for security reasons. It can be difficult to find common ground by which we might encourage and build one another up. 

But several times, God has been teaching us the fundamental reality of the common ground all people stand on before Him. All of us share the brokenness of sin. All of us have the choice to deny God’s authority and commit unspeakable acts. All of us can be quick to judge another person’s situation and determine they are beyond saving, while we ignore the transformation that God is calling US to.

“It’s humbling and inspiring hearing the inmates’ stories of how they are striving and continuing to pursue Jesus in the midst of their surroundings and sentences.” ~ Matt

But as we have come to know a few of the inmates we worship with, we realize that, outside of the cross of Christ, the state of our heart is not any different than theirs. Inside of us all is the capacity for great evil, and the capacity to hurt others in life altering ways. We all need the Holy Spirit to be at work within us so that we can turn away from wickedness, and live to honor God.  We are all on a journey towards living in the freedom of the grace of Jesus.  And Jesus will judge rightly, our call is to LOVE. We grow in our understanding of what it means to love as we learn the depths of God’s grace to ALL sinners. So great is the love of God that we can find common ground with an inmate at Stony Mountain and stand together in prayer and praise to worship the Lord Jesus!

If you would like to hear more about the ministry at Stony Mountain Institution, or maybe even consider being a part of it with us, send an email to

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Over the past two years, Albright Church has had the opportunity to partner with SOAR Heartland to see youth from our congregation have the opportunity to grow in their understanding what it means to live on mission with Jesus. SOAR Heartland is a 10-day discipleship training and mission program that runs over the course of spring break. Youth teams from across the prairies join together in Winnipeg to worship, learn, eat, and dorm together. They also have the opportunity to practice what they are being taught as they partner with various organizations who are serving the needs of the vulnerable in Winnipeg.  

We celebrate the growth that we have seen in the lives of youth at Albright and greatly appreciate the work that the SOAR team does to create an atmosphere of disciple making and mission engagement for youth all across our city! 

This year, our neighbour, Eastview Community Church is hosting SOAR at their facility and although we were unable to commit to sending a team of our youth, we have the awesome opportunity to partner with SOAR in a new way.  Albright Church will be the sleeping site for the SOAR leadership team from March 21-30. We are grateful that God has made a way for us to continue to support the ongoing efforts of SOAR and to work together as the greater body of Christ together with our brothers and sisters at Eastview!  If you happen to see any of the SOAR Leadership team here at Albright at the end of this week or next, be sure to give them a high-five and a word of encouragement! 

 SOAR is also looking for volunteers to help out at Eastview with Breakfast Prep, Breakfast Cleanup, Lunch Prep, Lunch Cleanup, Supper Prep, Supper Cleanup and Facility Cleaning. This is another way we can practically come along side to help our youth grow in their walk with Jesus. No role is too small! We all can participate in what God is doing in our city as He gives us eyes to see the opportunity! 

If you are available to help or would like more info about serving in any of the above areas, please contact Kathleen Kopp, Volunteer Coordinator for SOAR at 204-470-6688 or

Even if you are unable to serve in a hands on way, we encourage you to bring SOAR Heartland before God in prayer. Ask for the movement of His Spirit in the lives of young people to transform, to encourage, and to strengthen. Seek God's strengthening for the SOAR leadership team and pray that God would move in a mighty way to lead the next generation of Jesus followers! 

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As we continue to partner with our friends in Gens de Nantes Haiti, our focus remains to learn from and journey with our Haitian brothers and sisters, to seek poverty alleviation from all its forms to the ultimate glory of God! We believe that God is leading us to continue our partnership by supporting and encouraging agricultural development in the region.

In the summer of 2017 Albright set a target goal to raise $50,000 towards building Phase 1 of an enclosure around the AEM Guesthouse property. This past September we celebrated that not only were the funds raised, but that the enclosure has been constructed as far as available funds have allowed.

The purpose of this property enclosure is to support the vision from our partners in Haiti to use this amazing 10 acre property for growing agricultural teaching plots. As you might have caught last week, our friend Hernso has a burden and vision to teach sustainable farming practices to others in the community, teaching the value and potential of the soil they are living on. All this produce: bananas, mangos, potatoes, onions,  tomatoes, carrots, cassava, pineapples, rice and so much more can all be grown right in the soil that God has provided. We praise God for our partners like Hernso, who see this potential and want to help their community see it too. This project is not just about a physical structure, it is about investing in the vision that God has given to our partners. It is about creating a space where Hernso and those who join him can share the gospel through teaching farming God’s way. Creating space for development to happen through the people of Gens de Nantes. Not about the project, our partnership continues to be about people walking together in the journey following Jesus.

At this stage the enclosure is about half built around the entire 10 acre property, but will still not secure the property from animal/people traffic that would make it very difficult to begin to develop these growing plots. As a church our desire is to see this project not left undone and so we have set a Phase 2 target goal to raise $40,000 to complete the project. Please pray with us that God will provide and prayerfully consider if God is calling you to participate in our partnership in this way. We look forward to all that God will continue to do through our partners in Haiti as they continue to be faithful to use and steward well the resources God has given them! We are so blessed to be in partnership with these incredible people!

Continue praying for Haiti. Celebrate and praise God that even as He is inspiring and teaching us in Winnipeg to be living on mission to proclaim the gospel and practically meet the needs of our neighbors, He is doing the same in Gens de Nantes. We join hands as brothers and sisters in Christ, to bring His good news of restoration and reconciliation both in Winnipeg and in Haiti. We praise Him together!
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