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In the spring of 2018, Albright Church came alongside our Haitian partners to partially build a secure enclosure around a 10 acre piece of property owned by the AEM (our national church partner in Haiti) that up to this point has been used solely for housing guests and medical staff for the Gens de Nantes Clinic. What is the big deal you might ask? Well, an enclosure is a wonderful blessing! In the hands of a young man with an agriculture degree and a BIG vision and desire to move his community forward, an enclosed property is a HUGE BLESSING.

Meet Hernso.

A young man with an agriculture degree, training in Farming God’s Way and experience in growing rice to sell at market, he continues to grow in His gifting. As the enclosure construction progresses, He is already developing the vision for next steps. He desires to use the property to build learning plots, and begin training local farmers. Hernso understands the need to diversify crops and to work to increase the health of the soil for greater growth. He desires to teach and encourage his community that they can grow more than just peanuts!

We pray that God will continue to raise up others in the community alongside Hernso who will be willing to work the land, teach others to do the same, and be a leading voice for agricultural development in the region of Gens de Nantes. The land has so much potential, but needs much work and care.

We praise God for raising up leaders like Hernso in the community, who want to see their community move towards greater food security, and who recognize the potential of the land God has provided. It is wonderful to come alongside in partnership to support local leaders who are bringing vision and hope to their community as they follow Jesus.

Please pray for Hernso, pray for others in the community to catch the vision for this property, and pray that together we will continue to steward the resources God has given us in Haiti, and in Canada well so that He would be given glory through our partnership!

For more info on Farming God’s Way visit (

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As a church we have so many opportunities to live intentional lives of blessing from Neighbors to Nations,  It is not only through long term partnerships that we can be witnesses to God’s grace and love for us, but even through the one time, seemingly insignificant, opportunities that God opens for us to love others in the way Jesus has loved us.

Two weekends ago, we received a request from one of our community connections in East St. Paul to see if as a church, we could provide meals to three families who were without heat following a massive power surge that damaged appliances in several East St. Paul homes. A few people within the church body were contacted and over the next few hours, a plan was set in place to deliver meals to these families, simply to bless them, and to let them know there are neighbors who care for them. We are so thankful to those at Albright who saw, and stepped into this opportunity trusting that God would use it for His glory.

Here is the response of one family:  We cannot thank you enough for the AMAZING meal you brought today. It was absolutely delicious!  Your kindness means so very much to us!Thank you again!

We don’t know for sure how these families will be impacted by this simple, but intentional act of love, but we trust that Jesus will continue to use opportunities like this to reveal His heart of compassion and love to all people. Each one of us has opportunities like this where we can be intentional about sharing the love of Jesus in practical ways to our neighbors.

Pray for our community of East St. Paul. Pray for the neighborhood you are living in, Pray that God would reveal the opportunities you have to bless others and invite them to follow Him, and pray that you would have a willing heart to respond when the opportunity comes.

Let's continue to be prayerful, listening for opportunities, and willing to have our lives interrupted so that we could be part of sharing the love of Jesus together!

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Acts One:Eight

On Mission to Neighbours and Nations


This is Herlynda, one of our ministry partners in Haiti!

We first met Herlynda when our Haiti Partnership began and we never could have imagined the ways that God would use her in the community of Gens de Nantes.

God has given this young lady some incredible gifts that she is growing in and using for His Glory! Now a business school graduate she has returned from Port Au Prince to humbly serve in her home community at the clinic in Gens de Nantes. She is using her gift and training in administration to provide the organizational support to the Doctor and Nursing staff that will aide the clinic in moving forward toward self sufficiency. We celebrate that God has led her to work at the clinic in the amazing timing of His will!

In the fall of 2018, we also received news that Herlynda has been affirmed by the leadership of the AEM (the national church in Haiti) to serve as the liaison between the AEM and the EMCC (our national church in Canada). This means that she will be a primary link in Haiti for the EMCC as we continue to send short term teams, sponsor clinic staff, and manage physical development projects in Gens de Nantes. We continue to pray that God will equip Herlynda as she continues to learn and grow as a leader in her community!

Herlynda is passionate to see God transform her country and in humility has been willing to step into greater roles of responsibility to be part of God’s work. Please pray for her, pray that she will have boldness, courage and strength, to continue to lead in the way God is leading her.

Over the years we have been so encouraged by Herlynda’s willingness to be faithful in the small things; and her willingness to remain faithful in larger things as God continues to open up opportunities for her to grow in capacity. She is using what God has given her to impact the lives of others in her community! To God be all the glory!

“I am grateful to God for the new young leaders that he is raising up for such a time as this!  These leaders care about justice for their people and they care about the future of their nation.”

  ~ Marilyn McIlroy, EMCC Partner

We praise God for His faithfulness in answering our prayers for a new generation of leadership to begin to rise up among the people of Gens de Nantes. He continues to be at work in ways we can’t think or imagine.

If you want to learn more about our Haiti Partnership and how you can participate in supporting the local church there, head to our website:

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