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As our Haiti Team returned this year, the leadership of our Haiti Partnership has been blessed and encouraged by their reports. We were also encouraged to receive a request from the team members to share more of their personal experiences through the blog. For the next several weeks, we will post reflections from each team member regarding a specific experience they went through. Some of these posts may be a little longer than the posts we received from the team during their time in Haiti, but we encourage you to take time to read and engage with the exciting news remembering that each one of us can have an active role in our Haiti Partnership through our prayers, our praise to God, and our continued support and interest in God’s active work through the church in Gens de Nantes.



Lindsey’s Blog post reflection:


I continued to learn that prayer is powerful and God is a faithful, miracle working God. God has shown me that the seeds that have been planted and watered over the years are producing an abundant harvest for His Kingdom in and around Gens de Nantes. God also taught me the importance of friendship, encouragement and perseverance! 


I didn’t worship at the Gens de Nantes (GdN) AEM church on Sunday morning as I had the opportunity and blessing to travel to Marionette, a small community up in the hills a half hour motorbike ride north-east of GdN. My morning in Marionette was one of the highlights of my trip to Haiti this year. Seeing God’s beautiful creation - the green hills and mountain vistas was awe-inspiring! However, the people of Marionette and the support and encouragement of the GdN AEM Church youth and young adults was even more awe-inspiring!


The church in Marionette is relatively new. This small yet thriving congregation was started only 2 months ago by a man who came to Christ from watching The Jesus Film. There are now approximately 40 people who gather on Sunday mornings to learn, worship and pray together. They meet in and around a small wooden shack that can seat up to 30 people on rows of plastic chairs. Others gather outside and sit in the shade of a large mango tree. It was an encouragement and blessing to witness a group of young people from the GdN AEM church loaded down with sound equipment, guitars and a small generator on motorbikes travelling to Marionette to bless and encourage this new congregation. Each Sunday morning different groups of young people and lay leaders travel to Marionette to lead, serve, and bless this new church. They linger after the worship service to fellowship together and build relationships that will last for all eternity. Just as we have gone out in faithful obedience to bless and serve the church in GdN, that congregation is now too going out, blessing and serving others. 


I was also encouraged to hear about the Marionette community prayer meetings. The week before they had 60 in attendance. This small congregation was challenged to double that number and hoped to see 120 people join to pray on the following Wednesday. We heard testimonies of the power of prayer - miraculous healings and God’s work in and around the community. One elderly gentleman had been afflicted by mental illness for many years, he has been healed after he met Jesus and is now fully alert and in his right mind.


Another man who shared how he always knew there was a God, and recognized the creator by all the beauty he saw around him, yet his life was empty and unfulfilled. He had a gambling addiction, a very common problem in Haiti. After this man submitted his life to Jesus his addiction is completely gone! He now fills his time worshipping God and serving the church. He is praying that his extended family will also come to know the Lord in a real and personal way.


The Scripture lesson that Sunday morning was based on 1Thessalonians 5:12-24, a good reminder to “Be joyful always; pray continuously; and give thanks in all circumstances”. We, along with our Haitian brothers and sisters, have much to be joyful about - even in the midst of troubles and heartache. We have much to pray about and be thankful for. The church in GdN and Marionette are alive and well. They are doing the work of discipleship - they are going out in faithful obedience witnessing, praying and doing the work of the church. God is being glorified and His Kingdom is coming as we pray! There is much we can learn from their faith and obedience - prayer is powerful, there is always hope, seeds that are planted are being watered and producing an abundant harvest – may I never forget my day and the lessons learned in Marionette!


I’m so thankful for all the prayers and support we received during our time preparing and serving in Haiti. Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Gens de Nantes and surrounding area and for our on-going partnership there. God is at work and lives are being changed!


Praise God!

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We did most of the packing and inventory count last evening. We met with Pastor and Madame Andre for a debrief session. It was so good to share with them again.


We are planning to get away by 10:30 am to have time for lunch and catch our flight in good time. The taxi does not sound so good so we are praying for it to get us to Cap Hatian in good time.


We made it to the airport, went through security and boarded only to hear the announcement that there are electrical problems with the plane . . . and so our plans changed. We were able to find lodging for the night and were glad for a snack and and early bedtime.


In early morning, we were at the airport along with 200 of our closest friends and that's when the airport's power went out. As we waited to board our flight we checked flight connections in Miami. And now we are on our way, off to Miami. When we'll actually get to Winnipeg . . . well, keep praying for  the remainder of our flights. Perhaps we'll see you Sunday morning!!

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(My apologizies for this one being out of order)


Today was the final day of teaching, and our afternoon sessions. Following classes we prepared for graduation, organized the hostess gifts to share with those who served us while we were here, and now we are ready for Haitian Soup Joumou! 


It is still very humid and rained once again, we hope it will cool down for sleeping.

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The team was up early and off to the church to prepare for the Graduation Ceremony. The celebration was awesome. It is such a blessing to worship together and hear the testimonies!!

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We had another good day of classes and large group times. We taught our clinic students as well in the afternoon. Herlynda became one of my (Laurie) afternoon students on Saturday . . . such a bright and joyful young woman!


We were blessed by a beautiful rainbow after yet another thunderstorm this evening. A wonderful reminder of God’s promises to us. Looking forward to another slippery, muddy, walk to class in the morning. Water everywhere except in the rooftop holding tank! Thankful for Zoe who hauled pails for us.

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On Saturday we had a great morning of teaching and learning. Our students are working very hard . . .from 8:30 to 12:45 in the heat!


All is well on this relaxing Saturday afternoon. We are sitting on the porch waiting out another thunderstorm, playing games and practicing English with a few students and young boys from the neighborhood.  A few of us will go by motorbike in the morning to visit a house church.


We had an awesome worship time this Sunday. Marilyn and I (Lindsey) went to Marionette on motorbikes. We heard wonderful stories of God at work in a new church community. Rob, Lorna and Laurie shared greetings from Albright to the AEM church in Gens de Nantes.


We did a jungle walk to video the Guest House property in preparation for building the property enclosure. Now we need to prep lessons for Monday morning.


Later, Lorna and I (Lindsey) walked up to visit our elderly Grandma, she had a stroke earlier in the year but is doing well under the circumstances, such a blessing to see and hear her amazing faith and testimony. What an encouragement for us to be faithful prayer warriors. Lots of God moments today.


Lolance has the generator in many pieces. It has not been working well at all even after “maintenance” with the parts we brought. He leant us his generator for last evening. Hopefully he will be able to get ours working well again.

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We have had a very full and busy day. Our class sizes are growing each day, a true blessing to meet each student. Many of the grade nine students were writing exams this week and missed the first few days. The level 1 class is now up to 12 and the level 2 has 10. We will teach tomorrow but our numbers will be down again as not everyone is able to attend on Saturday. We are pleased that the students are very receptive to not only the English classes but also the bible lessons that we are leading.


We were asked to stop by the clinic after our long morning of teaching. Nurse Kathleen and the other clinic staff planned, prepared and hosted a celebration lunch to honor Ms. Marilyn. Many speeches, hugs, kisses and prayers! Marilyn was presented with a commemorative plaque. Our team and Albright church were also recognized and thanked for our years of support and encouragement. 


After prepping our lessons and doing journals and conversation circles we were looking forward to a relaxing evening but the clinic staff stopped by for an evening visit, much fellowship and laughter ensued; so different from our first visit many years ago. Such a blessing that long term relationships are being built.

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We just finished an amazing supper of fish and chips, rice and fresh avocado. The cooks are doing an amazing job as usual. They have been baking cakes and cookies for our snack at school each day. We are truly blessed.


Gary, a resident of Gens de Nantes who is studying nursing, is here working in the clinic for a few days.  When he graduates in September he will be here full-time. I (Lindsey) told him how excited his Canadian friends who met him 5 years ago will be to know he has done so well. He will be a great addition and asset to the clinic staff; such a gentle, compassionate spirit.


The team are well, and are coping well with the heat and very full days. Thanks to everyone for praying!!

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Great first day of classes, not many students arrived but we carried on with our lessons as planned. Lorna and I, (Lindsey) are teaching together, we reviewed 'families' which help us to get to know our students better. We had an awesome worship time together in both languages. We had prayed that the right students would be in the right classes to facilitate English lessons but also relationships.


We just finished lunch and are taking a short break before preparing for tomorrow.  Later in the afternoon the 4 of us met for individualized lessons with 5 of the clinic staff including Dr. Emmanuel and Portelus, the new lab tech. They had wanted to participate in our classes but are unable to because they are working most of the day. These keeners range in English ability from very beginner to fairly fluent. We hope to do this each afternoon, Lord willing.


I (Laurie) felt extremely privileged to talk with Kathleen the midwife at length about her job (which she LOVES) and her future husband. It was a very sweet and memorable conversation! What a lovely young woman.


It is hot and humid here as expected and we are doing well. Our highlight from yesterday was watching the children sing and dance with exuberant joy in the torrential downpour!!



The cooks are preparing treats for the students - a chocolate cake for tomorrow!! 

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We've settled in and have organized all of our supplies on those wonderful shelves! We plan to meet this afternoon with our brand new students who've never been in our classes before to confirm class placement. Willy is here with us to translate for the team, it is so good to see him again!


It is great to see the new outbuildings for the medical staff and a fresh coat of paint on the buildings at the guesthouse property. This morning Lindsey led us in an encouraging devotional and reviewed our mission, vision and goals. We are feeling blessed to be here with our friends in Gens de Nantes.

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We are so thankful for the prayers of our church family and our friends! We have felt them carry us through to our safe arrival in Cap Haitian and smooth processing through the airport here. Not a single bag was inspected and there were no issues!

We had a joyful reunion with Pastor Andre, who was waiting with an air conditioned van and strong Haitian men to load our bags in and on top of it. We arrived safely in Gens de Nantes a little after 7:30 pm just before dark. 

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