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As Albright’s first Mission Team to teach English is wrapping up their time in Haiti they are eager to share their journey of this pioneering work with you!  As you read of their experiences, prayerfully consider how God would have you be part of ‘Albright’s Partnership with Haiti’.


“We have been blown away by the hospitality of the people of Gens de Nantes. 

As we walk to school in the morning, we are greeted with a friendly 'bonjou' or a 'Chou-Chou' from the children. We have learned that this is a special way of saying, 'I love you'.  

Our teaching day goes from 8 - 1 with a break in the middle and chapel time at the end of the day. It was so neat to sing the familiar chorus ‘Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God' together in chapel. Margo led half the group in English, while Marillia (Pastor Andre's wife) led the other half in Creole, and we sang the song in a round. What a joy it is to worship together!


We are amazed at how much our students have learned and how thankful they are that we are teaching them.  We know that there are many more who are desperate to learn. Classes were originally scheduled to end on Wednesday, but we learned that some of the Haitian teachers taking our class would not be able to attend after Monday, due to a conflict. Not wanting them to miss out, we altered the schedule and held an additional class on Saturday.  We will now teach our last class on Monday. 

Our meals have been delicious and we have been well fed. Two of our cooks are recovering from chickungunya, a virus carried by mosquitoes, and we have met several people who are suffering from the fever, aches and pains of the disease. Please pray for healing for those afflicted, and for God's continued protection for the team.


We woke up extra early Sunday morning to make the trip to church in Acul des Pins, a community about 6 miles north-west of Gens de Nantes. A few of the team members stayed back as they were not feeling up to the long journey over the mountain, but we were joined by Pastor Andre and our translator, Willie. 


In Acul de Pins, the church is located a short ways off the main road, bordered by a lush tropical landscape all around. Our team was given seats on stage and we were pleasantly surprised to have a fan oscillating above us. The church service was just over three hours long and included Sunday school, prayers, singing and a message from both the local Pastor and Pastor Andre. As the service ended we were warmly greeted with hugs and handshakes from the congregation; we felt such joy in their church. Afterwards, the team took a walk down to visit the family who received a new house last year, financed through Albright donations. It is set in a beautiful area, tucked away from the main street.


Returning to Gens de Nantes, we enjoyed a delicious supper of fish and chips.   There is lots of preparation to do before Monday’s last day of class. We are excited to celebrate with our students, but we know saying goodbye will be hard.


The last day of teaching was emotional.  It’s Graduation Day!  A special celebration was held in the chapel where each class sang a song that they had prepared. Each student was presented with a ‘Certificate of Completion’ and class photos were taken.


There was a special presentation of Creole Storybook Bibles and a gift of school supplies for each school represented in our classes. We also awarded ESL Dictionaries to the students we felt could best use them.


The students sang for us in gratitude and many wanted to speak in front of the group and give thanks. Team Leader, Laurie, spoke on behalf of our teaching team and told our students how humbled we were to teach them and how thankful we were to God for the opportunity to come to Gens de Nantes. She also encouraged them to share their resources and to continue practicing their English.


We encourage you to join us in praying for these students - that they would have opportunities to continue learning and practicing their English, as many have a deep desire to do.” 


As the team now prepares for a trip to Cape Haitian before traveling back to Puerto Plata on Thursday, we ask for your prayers for overall health of our team and for safe travels.”


The English Teaching Team will be returning from Haiti on Friday, July 25/14.  Follow their most current updates on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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The sun is barely up as the team rises to begin their day.  The cook is already stirring in the kitchen preparing the day's meals.  One-by-one the team gathers at the table to enjoy the breakfast prepared for them.  Then, with water bottles filled and teaching materials gathered, they head off down the dirt road toward the school, greeting passers-by with a cheerful ‘bonjou’. Up the hill, at the AEM Church and School, their students are arriving from various parts of the community, anxious to learn their next lesson in English.


Our English Teaching Team has settled in to their new daily life in the village ofGensde Nantes, Haiti.  In a recent update from the team, they gave us an inside look at their day. 


 ‘After arriving at the school, our team began the teaching day in the chapel, where we prayed for our students and for God’s guidance on our teaching.  We then headed to our three classrooms where we’ll teach in teams of two:  Laurie & Julia, Heidy & Margo, and Meghan & Elaine.  Russ helps out where needed in each of the classes. 


Today’s lesson was focused around weather, seasons and dates.  We used flashcard pictures and vocabulary word strips to help the students visualize as they practice repeating the words and phrases in English.  One exercise is to have all of the students tell us their birthdates and write it on a piece of paper with a picture of a birthday cake on it.  They practice speaking the dates and numbers while matching the birthday to the person. 


The students have told our translator, Willie, that they are so happy to have us teach them, and that they would like us to stay for a month!


At the end of our lessons, we gather together with our students in the chapel, which is always a special time. We sing and pray together both in English and in Kreyol.  Today, Russ shared a personal story from his faith journey, translated by Willie. It was a steamy 38 degrees inside the chapel as we said good-bye to our students for the day.


Heading back to the guesthouse, we stopped by the AEM Medical Clinic where EMCC Missionary, Marilyn McIlroy gave us a tour of the clinic buildings on the compound.


For dinner we enjoyed a traditional Haitian meal of rice, beans and plantains.  There is a lot of lesson planning to do each evening, but some are able to take some time to go exploring or play with the children.  We feel very welcomed by the community.  Meci anpil (thank you so much)  for your prayers!


 The English Teaching Team will be returning from Haiti on July 25/14.  Follow their most current updates on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.


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Albright Church is thrilled to send its 5th Mission Team to Haiti!  The seven-member English Teaching Team departed on July 10/14 ready to serve for two weeks in the community of Gens de Nantes, Haiti, under the direction of the EMCC.  Armed with suitcases full of teaching materials and supplies, the team left prepared to conduct daily classes teaching English language to young adults and others from GDN and nearby communities.


Their flights took them to Toronto, then on to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic where they traveled the next day by ground transportation to Haiti.  The journey by road went well and the border crossing into Haiti, along with all of their supplies, went smoothly. The team was met by Pastor Andre from our sister church in GDN, (the AEM Church) and were unexpectedly spoiled to ride in style and comfort from the Haitian border town of Ouaniminthe to Gens de Nantes in two air-conditioned vans!  The roads were bumpy, with a few rivers to cross, but they arrived at the guesthouse mid afternoon and got straight to the task of unpacking and settling in before enjoying supper. Their first night in Haiti was filled with anticipation of worshipping alongside their Haitian brothers and sisters at church the next morning.


Albright’s Mission Team was warmly welcomed by the Haitian church.  Mission Team Leader, Laurie brought greetings to the congregation on behalf of Pastor Alan and Albright Church, and shared her testimony through the translation of EMCC Missionary, Marilyn McIlroy. The service was vibrant with much speaking and singing followed by a very passionate sermon from Pastor Andre. What a joy it was to experience Haitians praying for the people and ministries of Albright Church.


A tour of the classrooms and lesson prep filled the afternoon, but still left room for the team to spend time with the local children playing, drawing and taking pictures. 


The team is ready and looking forward to their first day of teaching!  While a class size of 30 students was anticipated, God led the team to prepare and bring enough materials for 40 students. They were so excited to learn that they will have 39 students attend their classes, all anxious to learn English!


The July temperatures in Gens de Nantes are tropically hot, ranging in the mid to upper 30’s with the humidity.  For a team of Manitoban’s, they are facing some challenges adjusting to the continual heat, as it does not cool down at night.  They have asked for your prayers for the team's endurance as they deal with the heat and teach a large amount of students.  At the time of this writing, thunderstorms are forecast for this evening – pray for cooling rain, and restful sleep.


If you would like to be part of Albright’s next Mission Team to serve in Haiti, applications are now being accepted for March 2015.  Plans are underway to form a team with mixed skills to serve for two weeks at the end of March.

If you have gifting in the following capacities, you could be used by God as part of our team:

  • work with patients in the clinic
  • help with organization within the clinic
  • doing some community health work, home visits
  • maintenance and electrical work on the clinic and guesthouse buildings
  • interact directly with children in the school and around the clinic and guesthouse

 Apply now or contact Missions Director, Stephen Moore for more information.

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