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Loving God and loving our neighbours is an adventure! Our Neighbourhood Service Weekend is a great opportunity to step into that. At Albright we believe in the value of ‘walking across the room’ to get to know people and to love as Christ loves us. It is a privilege to bless people in ways that demonstrates God’s amazing grace. It is also a faith step to be open to what God wants to do in and through us.


Not having a usual Sunday Morning Service radically reminds us about the high value God’s calls us to serve. We can become so comfortable with the rhythms of life that we forget that God wants us to connect with our neighbours. Sunday morning worship should be a reflection and celebration of a life devoted to God and to loving others. Our vision for that weekend is to help us re-focus and re-engage with God’s calling to love our neighbours. Taking the time to pray about what God would have you do, and then doing it, will lift our Sunday morning worship times to a whole new level.


We are purposely freeing up time on the weekend of June 6th – 8th to provide space and encourage intentional serving. Of course, you can serve your neighbours anytime; it doesn’t have to be during the exact time of Albright’s usual Sunday Service. There is a sense of fellowship in knowing that we are allowing God to challenge us together in this area, but the timing is completely up to you.


Who is my neighbour?  The simple answer is: anyone and everyone we connect with in life.  They are not just people who live on our street, but those we encounter in our workplace, at school, through activities and sports, even those who provide a service to us.  Our neighbours are people we may not even have met yet.


If Sunday morning isn’t the ideal time to connect with neighbours you could use that time to walk around your neighbourhood, pray for your neighbours and be open to what God might reveal to you. You could go to a coffee shop and pray for what you see and be open for any conversations. Or, you could visit someone and bless them with a word, gift or action. The main thing is to be open to what God wants you to do, or might show you, as you step out in faith. This is as much about being with God and hearing Him as it is about what you do.


You don’t have to do something big.  In fact, often loving and serving others begins with being willing to see and do the small things.  Praying for your neighbours by name is a huge start. Introducing yourself or checking in to see how they are is a step. Being purposely open for ‘one minute more’ conversations is another great step. Asking God to reveal a need you can meet or a way that you can bless is a great step. Learning to listen and hear from God as to what is the next step is more important than the size of what you do.


The last thing we want to do is avoid making our neighbours a project. That is why what we do needs to come out of who we are in God and not any form of guilt. We are blessed to bless. We are freed by God’s love to love. That means we are still his children even if people do not respond in the way we think they should. It also means that we can leave the final outcome with God. Only he can change hearts. He simply calls us to love Him and others.


On Sunday Evening, June 8th at 6:30pm, we’ll be meeting at Albright for a Worship Celebration to praise God, to reflect on what we have been learning and to pray for our neighbours. This will be informal and is open to all ages. If that happens to be your planned time to meet with neighbours then you are free to do that.  We are purposely keeping this celebration time simple to avoid any extra responsibilities on that day. So just come, bring the family, and enjoy the ice-cream and being together!


Pastor Sam Devine

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Recently, the Winnipeg Free Press published an article written by Gordon Sinclair Jr., revealing how our Winnipeg Police Service Chief Devon Clunis demonstrated how important community is. 


On the day before Chief Clunis was scheduled to visit a Winnipeg Grade 6 class, he called a news conference regarding a serious situation that had recently transpired.  Considering the circumstances the teacher was not sure if Chief Clunis would still be attending their class the next day.  But right on schedule, Chief Clunis showed up.  When the teacher asked Chief Clunis about that, “He said: ‘No, this is important. The children are important. Community is important.’”


Police Chief Clunis went on to share with the class of his own experience in Grade 6, of a teacher who went above and beyond to help him out, the big impact it had on his life, and her prayer that might surprise you!   You can read the full article on the Winnipeg Free Press’ website: 


As part of the challenge to Love Your Neighbour, Albright Church is participating in a 365 Police Prayer Watch initiative from May 19th - 25th.  We are doing this in partnership with other churches in the City who have each been allocated a specific week.  You are invited to pray each day for our Winnipeg Police Service using the prayer guide below and remain open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  You could pray as part of your devotional time each day, at family meal times, when you meet with friends, or in your Small Group.  Who knows how God will respond to your prayers!


1. Pray for Chief Devon Clunis:

  • For wisdom and courage to lead
  • For complete dependence upon the Holy Spirit
  • For acceptance of his vision for changes in the way policing is done
  • For grace and favour to be upon him in all his relationships
  • For his Family – to be able to balance the responsibilities between work and home

 2. Pray in general:

  • For an enduring partnership between the churches and the Winnipeg Police Service
  • For strengthening of relationships with community organizations and eliminate factors that cause crime
  • For unity and trust within the Police Service
  • For smooth transition into the new Headquarters onGraham Avenuein the New Year
  • For financial provision to meet the budget and Police Service needs

3. Pray for the Police Officers:

  • For safety and protection as they deal with dangers everyday
  • For protection from the emotional and mental stress that can come with policing
  • That officers would have wisdom to be able to deal with people effectively
  • For success in preventing and detecting crime, catching offenders and bringing them to justice
  • That they would exhibit integrity, honesty & dedication in the face of temptation
  • That they would carry a heart of compassion for people & not become hardened
  • That they would embrace a more holistic way of policing and serving the community
  • That they would be honoured for doing their job of upholding the law

 4.  Pray for the Police Officers Families:

  • God’s blessing over families, that they would know peace when their loved ones are on duty
  • That the families have understanding when the officer they love is under stress
  • That officers would be able to separate work and home, and that their families can support them in times of stress
  • That they would trust God for their health and welfare

5. Pray for the City of Winnipeg:

  • For crime, including violent crime to diminish dramatically
  • For peace to reign in the streets of our city
  • For Mayor Sam Katz and City Hall
  • For righteousness and unity to reign and for right people to fill positions in Government
  • For increased funding of Community Enhancement Projects (ie: Endowment Fund)
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One of the things I love to do is meet up with other family members, so as I flew into Calgary, this was what I was looking forward to the most.  ‘Wait,’ I can here you say, ‘Are there Devines in Calgary?’  Maybe, but the family I am referring to is our extended Church family connected through the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada.  Every alternate year we have a Regional Gathering and a General Assembly, primarily so the family can meet.  Often that includes some of our Missionaries who serve in various parts of the world.


This year the theme was ‘Following Jesus Together: Disciple Making in Community.’  Our Guest Speaker, Caesar Kalinowski who has just written a book called, ‘Transformation’ challenged us to first practice living out of our new identity in Christ.  We were reminded that, “The world says, we do to be. The Gospel says, we do out of who we are.”  Mission flows out of who we are in Christ.  The experience of His love motivates us to love others. 


If we are to respond to God’s command to make disciples then we need the Gospel, Community and Mission.  “As a family we extend God’s family out to others by inviting people into our lives where we imitate Christ.”  Ceasar told many stories of how God has used him and his family to do that intentionally where they live. 


Often it started with simple connections that were part of the normal rhythms of life such as sharing a meal, helping to paint a deck, mowing a lawn, having a one more minute conversation and asking someone how they really are. 


Missional living is something we all can do because it is who we are: people who have been brought into family and restored to life in God.


I am thankful for the challenges and also the opportunity to connect with family again.  It is such an encouragement to know that we are part of something bigger than ourselves and that together, within community, we can make disciples through Christ.


Pastor Sam Devine

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Jeriah Nickerson is a fun-loving, artistic and very creative 4 year old boy who LOVES to colour, use stickers, paint, and create bead crafts. When using his stickers his parents have made him aware that not all children are blessed with endless amounts of stickers - some children have none.  This news made him sad!


When Jeriah found out that his Grandma, Carol Nickerson, was going to Haiti - a place where they don't have stickers, he wanted to do something.  His mom suggested that, since he had a lot of bead projects done, maybe they could try selling them and he could use the money to buy stickers to send to Haiti with his Grandma!   Jeriah loved this idea and was very excited! 


Jeriah went about selling his precious crafts to friends, family and people from church.  His parents were impressed at how well he could answer everyone’s questions, and came to realize that this was something that meant a lot to him. He even got some special orders that he had to create for the following week.


Jeriah raised enough money to purchase a whole stack of sticker sheets from a dollar store and, from the sounds of it; the kids in Haiti were thrilled to receive them!


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