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We don’t usually think of getting to know our neighbours as a work of art!  Maybe you don’t see yourself as very artistic in the first place.  God is.  He is the master artist who is painting the story of our lives.  Every day he adds another dimension to the picture which is being painted to reflect who He is.  Incredibly that includes the exact place where we live (Acts 17:26). 


While it is true that God is painting a very unique picture of our lives He is also painting the family picture of the Church.  You and I are part of the big picture of God’s plan to love Him and to love your neighbour as yourself (Matthew 22:37-39).  But why?  Why can’t I just love myself?  Because that is not why we are here!  We are here to reveal Jesus.  We are here to see people added to the big picture.  Every day is another day to work with the master artist.  So, how can we do that?


From May 4th and over the next 5 weeks we will be looking at “The Art of Neighbouring” in our Sunday teaching series which will build towards a Neighbourhood Service Weekend from June 6th-8th.  On that Sunday we are encouraging the Church to leave the building and serve their neighbours!  We won’t be having our Sunday Morning Service so that you are freed up for the whole weekend.  We are planning an Evening Celebration Service to share stories, praise God and to pray for our neighbours. 


A Neighbour Resource Team will be available to help you with ideas to serve, how you might go about that and to connect you with helpful resources.  You can be as creative as you like!  You could set up coffee connection, set up a walking date, invite a family for lunch, plan a game of golf, pay a visit with a gift of cookies, offer practical help or host a block party.  You could do this with some friends, as a family or as a small group.


Here is what we are asking.  Begin to pray for your neighbours by name.  Create a list.  Walk through your neighbourhood and pray for what you see.  Ask God to show you how you can serve your neighbours and be open to hear what He says.  Painting that first brush stroke can be both fearful and exciting.  We don’t know exactly how the painting will look like when it is finished.  But remember God is with you.  He is the master artist.  He wants to use you and He will if you make yourself available.


Pastor Sam Devine

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Easter can become so familiar to us that we easily lose the wonder of its significance.  We need to stop and remember.  Sharing in communion helps us to do just that and we will have that opportunity on Good Friday. 


But again, it can become nothing more than a ritual that we go through that fails to impact our lives.  So what does it really mean when we break the bread and drink the cup?  Something that I read from Tim Keller recently helped me to consider the wonder of communion and Easter in a new light.


“When Jesus said, I am the bread of life, he says, I am God made breakable for you.”  Wow!  The Almighty creator and sustainer of the universe and our lives purposely and willingly made Himself breakable for you! 


This is the message of Easter and what we remember when we share in communion.  As Jesus shared the Last Supper with his disciples he said, “This is my body given for you.”  Luke 22:19.  Previously he had said, "I am the bread of life.  He who comes to me will never go hungry.” John 6:35.


The wonder of Easter, which we celebrate in communion, is that Christ allowed His body to be broken that we might be made whole in Him.  God made himself breakable that we might share in His wholeness.  In our brokenness Christ feeds us with Himself and gives us life. 


Such is the mystery of His grace and the vastness of His love that He should be broken for us! 


Don’t let this Easter be just another holiday or communion be just another ritual.  As you break the bread remember that God made himself breakable for you.  As you drink the cup remember that God allowed Himself to be poured out for you.


Fall on your knees like Thomas and cry in worship, “My Lord and My God.”  John 20:28.


- Pastor Sam Devine

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The Clinic Team's last Sunday in Haiti provided a couple of worship opportunities. The team divided into two groups, one headed to the town of Carice to worship with the AEM church there, and the other remained in Gens de Nantes worshipping once again at Pastor Andre’s church.


It was communion Sunday at the Gens de Nantes church.  There were hopes that Elizanne (abscess patient) and her family would be in church but they did not come. Please keep praying for them.  After church the group returned to the guesthouse for lunch and began the task of packing, each taking turns soaking their feet in a tub of water to try to cool down.


Carice is located south west of Gens de Nantes and is much higher in altitude. The group climbed into the back of Lolance's 4x4 Toyota Pick-up truck and off they went, hanging on for dear life. They stopped at a local petro stand to purchase gasoline at $6.00 a gallon, then bumped along for most of the trip, with EMCC Missionary, Marilyn Mc playing tour guide. As the frequency of switchbacks grew greater the scenery became more beautiful and they marveled at God’s handiwork. Lolance stopped at a stream to pour water on the overheated brakes and on the engine. Soon they were on their way again enjoying their mountaintop experience, driving through small towns and weaving past washouts and ruts. Arriving in Carice, the church service had already started, so after a quick change of clothes they were ushered to seats near the front and then participated in the service. Marilyn Mc brought greetings and introduced the group. The service was very long and it was very warm.  After the preaching, communion was served. The bread and the small communion cups were uncovered and the members of the congregation came forward to take the bread and cup with them back to their seats. Then, just as we would at Albright, they ate the bread and drank the cup. When the group asked Marilyn Mc whether or not it was safe to participate, she said, "Jesus will make it so."
After the service the group greeted many people. The church committee served them soft drinks and crackers, and told the team that they had been encouraged by their visit - it is good to know they are not forgotten. The group went to see the new home Albright provided funds for. The home belongs to a Grandmother and Grandaughter, who welcomed them to take a tour. It is very well kept and they are grateful for the home. Soon it was time for the return trip over the mountain back to Gens de Nantes. They found the trip back more difficult as it was hard to keep from slipping forward into each other. Standing up seemed to be the best option and they took turns standing behind the cab hanging onto the rack for dear life, all the while trying to take the perfect photo, much laughter ensued. At one point the truck died and they gave Lolance their water bottles to cool the overheated brakes and engine once again. Soon they were on their way and received a cheery welcome from the remainder of the team sitting out in the guesthouse yard trying to catch a non-existent breeze.


Once back together the team did more packing, tidying, and organizing. A delicious supper was enjoyed - fried chicken, fried plantain, potatoes and carrots in sauce, sliced tomatoes and onions, and rice - what a feast! After dinner the guesthouse staff was presented with a token of appreciation for all they did for the team. Once more, the neighbourhood children stopped by to play, soon skipping ropes, beach balls and rocket balls added to the fun.  Marilyn Mc led the team through a debriefing and it was time for bed.  Their last night in Gens de Nantes was a most humid and hot night.


The Clinic Team is now traveling through the Dominican Republicand is scheduled to arrive in Winnipeg at midnight on Tuesday, April 8th, on WestJet #535.


Thank you for your prayers of support as you’ve followed the experiences of the team.  You can anticipate learning more after their return.  

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Thursday, April 3rd we were surprised to receive friendly messages from each member of the Clinci Team!  We had anticipated that communication from the team might be limited, but we have been thoroughly blessed by their opportunity, diligence and desire to keep us informed. 

The messages are brief, and we didn’t want to exclude anything, so no editing has been done.  Enjoy the words of those serving in Haiti right now.


Hi, it's Steph! I spent the day holding babies, getting peed on, completing inventory of a back storage room, and helping Marilyn M with paper work. I also spent a little bit of time in the pharmacy helping Cindy while Christine was having lunch!”

Carol - I spent the day organizing and completing paper work for Marilyn M, tracking prenatal visits, births and post natal visits from June to present! I also held multiple babies, trying to get them to smile!”

Hi! This is Cindy! I spent the day in the pharmacy filling prescriptions with Christine, Carol, and Steph! We filled prescriptions for 51 people with multiple medications on each. Willy translated as we explained to the people how to take them! We are now all sitting outside watching the kids play soccer in the cool breeze. We can see the clouds coming over the mountains in the distance! We think we are having chicken for supper as we saw the ladies bring them from market earlier and start to remove feathers!”

Hi it's Christine! Spent most of the day in the pharmacy today but took a bit of a break to sit with some kids and painted the girls nails, and made ‘frisbees’ with the boys.  Another great day!”


Bonjou, mwen rele Lindsey, I am so blessed to be here in such a beautiful country with an awesome team and work alongside such wonderful people. Today we continued to care for the young lady who is healing well from the nasty abscess, what a joy to see her smile! We did some follow up appointments and dressing changes as well as some paperwork compiling stats for the pre and post natal program. Carol and I had fun trying to pronounce all the lovely Haitian names. Thank you all for all your prayers! Having a great adventure!”

Hi all from Marilyn and KelseyMarilyn: I went early to the clinic this morning to change the dressing of our tooth abscess lady. So wonderful to see her continue to improve. I did a few other dressing changes and gave some medication. The Haitians are so grateful for all we do. So wonderful to serve them and God. Kelsey: I was feeling under the weather today, so it was a bit of a slower day. I played with the kids and made some arts and crafts with the kids and some of the other ladies. They love it!! Really enjoying my time here!”

Dr. Stephen: Hi there. Each day in the clinic has a different flavour but a common theme is the effect that poverty has on everything I am seeing. There are the kids with belly pain without an obvious diagnosis except that they're small for their age and not getting enough to eat. There are malnourished adults and farmers with bodies worn down from years of hard work. Even simple problems like a piece of dirt in the eye can quickly result in corneal scarring and vision loss here. Hypertension is challenging to treat when the medications are variably available or affordable. I have yet to see obesity here though. Not enough to eat and a physical lifestyle will do that to you. And I'm not seeing despair or unhappiness on the scale that we Canadians might expect given the Haitians' lack of "Stuff".  Yes, their life is physically harder but they are rich in other ways. How much stuff do I really need?  Less than I have now.  God really is sufficient.   A lot of what I see as far as poverty and health effects is very similar to what we see in our own Inner City population and the challenges are recognizable. Although we rescued an alcoholic with hypoglycaemia from certain death today, his primary problem is that he is not a believer in Jesus. God gave him a second chance through our presence to turn to Him for forgiveness and mercy and to find everlasting life now and forever. And we told him so.  A situation no different than at Lighthouse Mission, UGM, Charis Centre and other ministries.   There is much to reflect on but I'm loving working here and seeing what God is doing through our team. Thank you so much for your prayers and don't let up just because things are going well. I don't expect Satan to take all of this lying down. But our God is stronger! Shalom,Stephen”


Marilyn M (EMCC Ontario): Hi (Pastor) Alan, (Pastor) Sam, Stephen (Moore) and congregation! Thank you so very much for sending such a fantastic medical team! It has been a joy to get to know everyone. We have seen God at work, especially in the clinic. Thanks for your willingness to partner with the AEM and EMCC in the community of Gens de Nantes. Pastor Alan, Pastor Andre really appreciated the letter of encouragement that you sent. Please pray for Pastor Andre and Maryella (Madam Andre) as they provide home care for her mom who is dying. Her father has Alzheimer's which is also a challenge. Thank you Albright family, you are a blessing to me! Marilyn M”

Kathy Tjart (Kitchener,Ontario) To the Albright Church family, I am extremely happy to be working with the team from your church. It's only been a week and I feel like I've made lifelong friends. I feel we have gelled as a team and are working well together. We laugh and talk like old friends and I treasure our time together.  We all have the Haitian’s best interests at heart and we pray they see Jesus in us.  Thanks for the amazing support.”


Shannon: Hi Everyone. Thank you for sending me to Haiti on behalf of Albright Church. What a joy to serve God in this place. This morning everything was fresh from the pouring rain last night. The world was so wet that a little tarantula took shelter in the outhouse. Most of my day was spent doing crafts, the yarn wrapping was a huge hit and I am now a pro. The pipe cleaner and bead bracelets were a hit and, as always, the girls love having their fingernails painted. Near the end of the day when I was crafted out, I offered to cuddle a baby - sweet reward at the end of the day. Dinner was so tasty and we were all very hungry. We are now visiting by the warm glow of candlelight. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. There is much need to be strong in The Lord as we can only serve in the power of His might. Please continue to pray for us. We love you all!!”

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The patient smiled with gratitude after the growth was surgically removed their ear.  Besides the morning surgery, lots of children were examined, prescriptions filled, clinic storage room organized and the very sick woman with the tooth abscess received ongoing care. The limited antibiotics didn't seem to be working.  The team pray for a miracle of healing for this young mom whose heartbroken husband has been by her side for many days. 


The rain today (Tuesday) made the Haitians smile!  After supper, the Haitian nursing students joined in a rousing game of UNO, until the cool evening air beckoned them and the team out to the veranda.  Fellowship was enjoyed and lots of laughter ensued.


Wednesday morning some of the team enjoyed the treat of visiting the school armed with gifts of stickers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, pencils and some chalk for the students and teachers.


At the clinic, the woman with the abscess underwent a procedure to try to drain the infection.  Team members gathered to pray for this to be successful. After freezing the area, the incision was made and the infection began to drain!  They marvelled at the grace of God and thanked Him for His amazing leading through all this!  Pastor Andre shared that if they had not started the IV on that first night when the team arrived, the extended family would have taken her to a witch doctor. If she had been taken to the witch doctor she would have died. This woman and her husband are the only Christians in her family. Her healing was a spiritual battle.  God performed a miracle that day and they were rejoicing.  Prayers continue for a full recovery.


That evening everyone received cards prepared for them from family members. Most were tearful, and all were grateful for the encouraging words from home!


This day marked the middle of their mission and God is using them in more ways than is possible to mention.  Please pray for Spiritual protection, strength, wisdom as they continue to serve Him in Gens de Nantes.

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The team’s first full day in Haiti was a busy day.  After breakfast and devotions, they got busy unloading suitcases and organizing items.  The guest house was a beehive of activity.  Several team members carried supplies up the road to the clinic, joyfully greeting everyone they meet with a happy "Bonjou".  The Lab Tech, Dejus was happy to receive his lab supplies.  Dr. Stephen saw his first patients in the morning and other more serious patients came in the afternoon.  Our team nurses were busy organizing and providing nursing care.  Although it was not an official clinic day, it was busy enough ensuring things were set for clinic day on Monday.  In the evening some of the team went out to the road to look up at the beauty of the Haitian night sky.  The stars definitely display God's handiwork.  They enjoyed cool evening showers before bed and are grateful for the updated washrooms; they feel spoiled! 

On Sunday, the team worshipped at the AEM Church in Gens de Nantes, where they were introduced and brought greetings to the congregation.  After church Marilyn M led them to the school yard where they saw the beautiful Mango Tree supported by the retaining wall and cement yard that the earlier Construction Team arranged to have completed.  After, they headed up the road to tour the home that Albright built last year.  After lunch, Dr. Stephen and some of the team went to the clinic to check on a young fellow who was there the day before; they wanted to ensure his wounds were healing okay and provide more care to a very sick woman.  Those at the guest house pulled their chairs outside to try and catch a breeze and a crowd began to gather around them.  Kelsey and Christine pulled out bubbles and went to entertain the children.  Soon skipping ropes and a big orange ball were added to the fun.  The yard was a hub of joyful laughter and fun.  After dinner, team name tags were prepared in both Creole and English and the guest house was a hive of pill counting and packaging activity, as vitamins and antacids were prepared for distribution at the clinic.

On Monday morning, if they weren't already awake, their alarms woke them at 6:00am to prepare for their clinic day.  Marilyn M gave them the outline of the clinic morning and everyone volunteered for what roles they wanted to take.  Shannon remained at the guest house to take inventory of the remaining toolbox items and have them stored in another, safer location.  At 4:00pm, everyone returned to the guest house to rest before dinner and there was a crowd of children awaiting them.  Marilyn K and Kelsey pulled out the skipping ropes and played with the kids.  With some improvisation, Cindy tackled the stubborn shower drain.  A full and satisfying day!

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