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A new year brings with it the prospect of change.  We wish each other a happy new year with the sincere hope that things will be different in a good way.  We hope the Jets and the Bombers start winning!  We hope our City prospers and becomes a safe and vibrant place to live.  We hope our relationships are fulfilling and that our health is good.  We may hope for a change in our finances and our standard of living.  We hope for the dream house or the dream vacation we have always wanted.  Personally, I hope we have a short winter and a long, long summer!

Many of us will make a new year’s resolution or set some personal goals to help us change.  We may decide to better control our diet, exercise more or pursue the dream we have always put on the back burner.  I love the story of the 100 year old from Colorado Springs, who, last year, decided to make her dream come true by visiting Churchill to see the polar bears she had only ever seen in pictures.  I am always inspired by Seniors who don’t stop dreaming and are open to change.  Sometimes we just need to decide that, by God’s grace, we are going to do something.

Of course, whatever it is that we hope will change in 2014 there is a level of change that we cannot control.  These are the things that happen to us that we don’t see coming.  It may be our health, a relationship breakdown or a job loss.  How we handle change in those circumstances reveals what is already inside us and what we are depending on for our life’s security. 

I read recently about a young girl from Alberta who had a fatal brain tumour.  Canada’s Children Wish Foundation offered her a wish.  It was Kaitlin’s wish to donate the money for clean water in Uganda and her parents added to it so that a single well could be dug.  Then something big happened.  Canadian businesses heard. Facebook went wild and in seven weeks more than $200,000 was raised to pay for 21 wells.  30,000 Ugandans now have clean water!

The story really challenged me.  I want to handle change like that.  But I know that it can only come from a heart that is being changed.  My prayer for 2014 is that God would change my heart to be the catalyst for change in ways that I could never manage on my own.  Imagine the difference that might make?

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Our Construction Team, (Leif, Peter and Jamey) made it home safely! Their flight was delayed by an hour, but they came down the escalator at the airport around 1:15am on Monday morning. They were tired, but had an excellent time. The team experience went remarkably well (with mixing members from two different provinces, who had never met in person). They were able to accomplish their goals, as much as possible, given that it was a renovation. The guesthouse is fully functional, and Jamey can't wait to go back to actually enjoy the new and improved facilities!

Thank you to everyone for your prayers. God's hand was very visible to all who were involved on the ground (Canadians and Haitians). It rained while the team was there (that is 3 for 3 now with our Albright teams, in the midst of otherwise drought conditions! Praise God), during a time when a lot of men are without work because there are no crops to care for.

The travel could not have gone smoother, and there were no issues at any security checkpoints or border crossings.

Thank you all again for your interest and active participation in spreading the love and Good News of Jesus as we continue to work and build relationships with the people of Gens de Nantes, in partnership with the EMCC.

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This has been a busy week for our Construction Team in Gens de Nantes, Haiti!  They have been working hard to complete as much work as possible before their departure on Saturday, January 25th.  They have done very well and have accomplished much, but finishing the projects could be tight.  Pray that they finish well.

On their departure the team will be traveling through the border town of Ouanaminthe, which has been without electricity for several days now.  Please pray for the power to be restored in Ouanaminthe by Saturday, and for a safe and successful border crossing back into the Dominican Republic.  The team is scheduled to arrive back in Winnipeg at 12:06am Monday, January 27th.  We’re looking forward to welcoming them and hearing their stories!

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January 18, 2014 - Our Haiti Construction Team reports that the work on the kitchen is in full swing and going smoothly. The concrete work is a little more difficult due to different tools, materials and conditions, but the plumbing and painting is between half way and a third done. The electrical work is ready to begin, and the ceiling redesign is complete and looks great!

Jamey spotted their ‘pet tarantula’ and followed it to its home – don’t worry, all is well and both the Tarantula and the team are keeping a respectful distance from each other.

Working alongside the Haitians is going very well. It is fun, and the team is picking up common, repetitive, Creole words.  Trying to speak the language seems to be going over very well. Their translator, Willy, has a very academic understanding of English, so there has been some confusion at times, but he is learning along with the team.

The team needs prayer for strength to complete the finishing projects. They are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but there is much work yet to be done. Leif and Jamey's work pace will be picking up as they get to start the work on the electrical part of the plan. "This last week will see a definite increase in work hours".

They have a few work days left to get as much done as possible. They will leave Gens de Nantes on Saturday January 25, and arrive back in Winnipeg at 12:06am on Monday, January 27.

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Our Construction Team is doing well and is in good spirits.  It is hot in Gens de Nantes, so 10 hours of work is the most they can safely put in every day.  They need to remember to pace themselves!  The team is making good progress on their projects.  

The food is good!  One member says ‘this will likely be a weight loss program’ Smile, as they are pretty much eating totally organic with no sweets or desserts and drinking lots of water. Their daily ‘shower’ with only a gallon of water and a washcloth is a bit challenging. 

On Monday, January 13, the team worked at clearing the guesthouse of rubble from the demolition that was done in anticipation of their arrival. With the help of local ‘Boss’ Decibert, they added rafters to the roof structure.

On Tuesday, January 14, they started putting in the new ceiling and work began on the plumbing projects (second bathroom and moving fixtures around).   Local Masons are also working with them in the house, building new partition walls and repairing other sections.

Thursday, January 16, the team reported that they have made very good progress on the guesthouse.  They have now completed the majority of the new ceiling and prepared the kitchen for new cabinets and counter top.   The plumbing is also about half way done.   The team says that “it is a real pleasure to be working alongside the Haitian people!”

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The Construction Team made it to Gens de Nantes on Sunday, January 12th, with no issues at the border.  Once they arrived, they hit the ground running, developed a plan for the guesthouse renovation and delegated responsibilities.  The team has expressed that the people of the community are wonderful and the team is working well together!

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Albright’s first Mission Team for 2014 is on its way to Haiti to serve under the direction of the EMCC.   Construction Team members, Leif Anderson, Peter Dyck and Jamey Martin from Albright, have joined with 5 other team members from Ontario and are now enroute to Gens de Nantes, Haiti.  Their travels will land them in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic where they will travel by bus to the Haitian border.  They will cross the border in to Haiti (possibly on foot) and continue the 2 hour journey by local ‘taptap’ transportation to the Village of Gens De Nantes. They are expected to arrive on January 12/14.

While in Gens de Nantes the team will be assisting the ministries of the local AEM church, which also runs a Medical Clinic and School.  Some of the projects on their list are the renovation of the guesthouse used by mission teams, as well as constructing a retaining wall in the courtyard of the school, and some much needed roof repairs.

The team would greatly appreciate your prayers throughout their two week stay.  Here’s a few specific things you can pray for:

- protection as they travel
- safe border crossings with their materials and tools
- supplies to be available and their tasks would be completed well
- good health and endurance for the team members
- that they would be a blessing and encouragement to the community

Communication with the team will be limited, but we will do our best to keep you updated through this blog.  You can also follow their experiences through our Twitter Feed: @AlbrightChurch

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