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Update today:

Going to present homes this afternoon. Please pray that we could be gracious and respectful.

Messages received from the Homes Team yesterday:

5" tarantula at the outhouse this morning! A few of us helped at the clinic today cleaning up files and rooms 

We are getting to know people more. Pray that God will make full use of us and give us surrendering hearts.

Busy day working in 3 separate teams, then at Good Friday service and watched Jesus film.

Pray to be filled with God's strength & heart as we wrap up projects & present homes tomorrow. Pray for overall health.

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We've received news via texts & Twitter from the Homes Team the past couple of days. God is working in them and through them!

Kids crafts went well [in church]. They enjoyed Brian & Ferdy's storytelling. We brought greetings to Gens de Nantes Church from Albright. Worshipped from 9-12. Begin work tomorrow on first house with Haitian builders. Pray for unity, gracious & willing spirits.

Productive day worked well with experienced builders and interpreters. Finish first house tomorrow! Joined by Marilyn.

First house house nearly complete. Second house started. Lou fell off roof but is ok apart from sore hip & shoulder. Could have been worse. Rained a little last night and was very humid today.

We're thankful that Lou is ok after his fall. Please continue to pray for health & strength for the team and that they will be able to complete the work they've planned to do. Pray also that they will relate well and be a blessing to the people of Gens de Nantes.

Please check back here tomorrow. Any news we receive will be posted here tomorrow night. 

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Saturday March 23, 2013

The Clinic team arrived home safely on Sunday March 10. Their flight landed a few minutes early, and they came down the escalator at the airport to see and hear about 20 friends and family cheering and welcoming them back. All 8 team members were visibly exhausted and glad to be home. 

Clinic Team in Dominican before leaving for Gens de Nantes

The team had a great time while in Gens de Nantes. They helped to process about 180 patients in the clinic over a three day span. They were able to have fun times with children from the community both during the Sunday service, and throughout the week at the clinic and guesthouse. They had many opportunities to interact and build relationships with the Haitian workers in the clinic and with other members of the church and community. More than half of the team got sick at some point while they were in Gens de Nantes or on the way home. But in those times, the team and people from the community rallied together to support them.

They also experienced powerful God moments. Within minutes of arriving at the guesthouse of Gens de Nantes, some of the medically trained team members were summoned to the clinic to help with a delivery that had turned bad. A specific anti-anxiety prescription medication was required for the patient. Miraculously, one of the Clinic team members had brought some along to use on the flights, but had not required them on the trip to Gens de Nantes. So they had enough to donate to the clinic. Without the medication, the new mother would have not been able to be transported to a hospital that could appropriately care for her needs.

One morning, the team was able to meet with the recipient of one of the homes that the Homes team will be putting a roof on. This elderly grandmother was given a dream the night before the team impulsively visited her, that some people would visit her to pray for her.

Marilyn with grandmother receiving one of the homes.

One of the lessons from their trip that most members remember the most vividly is their thankfulness for having been able to spend just shy of a week with such "giants". Not giants in a physical sense (actually the adults are quite short), but in a spiritual and psychological sense. They have so little, and yet are so generous and those from the church hold such a strong and implicit faith and trust in God.

A few of the Clinic team members had the opportunity to meet with the Homes team as they were finalizing their preparations for their departure. They were able to impart valuable first-hand knowledge before the Homes team departed Thursday March 21 in the evening.

Homes Team send off at Winnipeg Airport

The Homes team flight from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay took off about 45 minutes late, which shortened the layover period in Thunder Bay.

Waiting in Thunder Bay for flight to Toronto

The team arrived in Toronto very tired. Lou Geense met up with them there, and all 9 team members (Aubrey, Charles, Chris, Ferdy, Lorraine, Levi, Lukas, Brian and Lou) are now in Puerto Plata, preparing to arrive in Gens de Nantes later Saturday afternoon.

Homes Team
Aubrey, Lorraine, Chris, Ferdy, Charles, Levi, Brian, Lukas

Keep them in your prayers. Also pray for rain in Gens de Nantes. They have not had any further rain since the Sunday and Monday when the clinic team were there. Most of their crops are not yet planted, and they need these crops to feed themselves as well as sell.

Follow the team's progress on Twitter @AlbrightChurch (use #AlbHomes), or here on the blog.


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Sunday, March 3, 2013

We are very fortunate to be able to stay in contact with our team while they are traveling. They have been able to keep in touch with Facebook, Twitter and text messages. Thank God for new technology!

Here is a short synopsis of the developments so far.

At 11:30 am on Thursday February 28, 2013, the team members and a few of their supporters met at the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. Pastor Sam prayed for them one last time, then all said good-bye and the team headed off past security.

From Winnipeg, the team had a short stop in Chicago, IL, for some deep-dish pizza. Then they made their way to Newark, NJ. After a short overnight, they departed for Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Marilyn McIlroy, and two ladies from southern Ontario joined up with them as they got out of the airport, and accompanied them to their guesthouse in Santiago de los Caballeros. They were able to enjoy warm water for the last time until their return trip.

The travel plans to Gens de Nantes from the Dominican Republic were changed once the team landed. For the better! Instead of basically bypassing Gens de Nantes in the coach they were taking from the DR to Cape Haitien, Haiti, the coach line agreed to drop the team off in Ouaniminthe (a mere 10 kms or 1 hour from Gens de Nantes, instead of almost 3 hours from Cape Haitien). This permitted our team to arrive in Gens de Nantes at least an extra half-day earlier than expected. Praise the Lord!

The drive to Gens de Nantes from Ouaniminthe was fairly uneventful, apart from one of their "tap-taps" (truck/SUV) stalling while crossing a shallow river! After a refreshing time in the stream, the team was back on their way.

The team had time to settle into their accommodations and make some acquaintances, notably lizards (and lots of them according to Joey) and some rather large spiders (once again, according to Joey!).

They were able to attend and participate in the church service at Pastor Andre's church this morning. Pastor Alan was scheduled to share at some point in the service. They also had a great time doing a children's program later in the afternoon. The team is now resting and looking forward to meeting church and community leaders after supper.

A couple last tidbits of information. Joey had brought along some anxiety medication due to her fear of flying. She did not need to use any! Congrats Joey! Once they arrived in Gens de Nantes, they were met with a need for that exact kind of medication at the clinic. Oh the mysterious ways in which our God works!

And finally, as you might have known, Gens de Nantes and most of Haiti has been going through a drought over the past weeks (if not months). The lack of precipitation has threatened their crops, which were already decimated by the torrential downpours and winds of Hurricane Sandy. Last week, the church in Gens de Nantes prayed that it would rain by the following week. Today, as soon as everyone had stepped into the church for the service, the skies opened up, and it rained. Hallelujah!

Join us on Twitter (@AlbrightChurch) for more updates, or stay tuned to this blog!


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