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A Spiritual Battle for Healing

The patient smiled with gratitude after the growth was surgically removed their ear.  Besides the morning surgery, lots of children were examined, prescriptions filled, clinic storage room organized and the very sick woman with the tooth abscess received ongoing care. The limited antibiotics didn't seem to be working.  The team pray for a miracle of healing for this young mom whose heartbroken husband has been by her side for many days. 


The rain today (Tuesday) made the Haitians smile!  After supper, the Haitian nursing students joined in a rousing game of UNO, until the cool evening air beckoned them and the team out to the veranda.  Fellowship was enjoyed and lots of laughter ensued.


Wednesday morning some of the team enjoyed the treat of visiting the school armed with gifts of stickers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, pencils and some chalk for the students and teachers.


At the clinic, the woman with the abscess underwent a procedure to try to drain the infection.  Team members gathered to pray for this to be successful. After freezing the area, the incision was made and the infection began to drain!  They marvelled at the grace of God and thanked Him for His amazing leading through all this!  Pastor Andre shared that if they had not started the IV on that first night when the team arrived, the extended family would have taken her to a witch doctor. If she had been taken to the witch doctor she would have died. This woman and her husband are the only Christians in her family. Her healing was a spiritual battle.  God performed a miracle that day and they were rejoicing.  Prayers continue for a full recovery.


That evening everyone received cards prepared for them from family members. Most were tearful, and all were grateful for the encouraging words from home!


This day marked the middle of their mission and God is using them in more ways than is possible to mention.  Please pray for Spiritual protection, strength, wisdom as they continue to serve Him in Gens de Nantes.